Apple May Be Developing Ear Buds that Auto-Adjust to Fit

Heidi Speare July 6, 2013 0


New Apple patent filled yesterday has showed earbuds headphones version that will automatically adjust audio based on its seal quality. This was published by the Trademark Office and there were details reported about new self-calibrating earbuds that will be capable to deliver quality audio reproduction through various ear sizes and shapes. According to the patent, these headphones will have a noise canceling feature.

We can say that Apple’s earbuds design is really great and they were improved with every new device coming out of Apple. This new patent application can change the whole game because it will match any user’s specific ear shape and canal size. When I saw this patent application my first reaction was: At last I will be able to wear earbuds without feeling pain in my ears.

This patent describes the whole method that measures earbud fit on ears based on various signals, acoustic indicators and more. The great result will be coming from the audio delivery through the earbuds compensating for a perfect seal, great balance, adjusting noise and changing the equalizer. Maybe this sounds really messy at first sight but I’m sure that people at Apple know what they’re doing.

apple ear buds

These earbuds will be created to make a seal in user’s ear that will reduce this noise coming from the environment. When this earbud can’t create the proper seal, these properties will impact negatively. To make the proper evaluation of the seal, this invention will measure the speakers by taking ear measurements, acoustic measurements with the microphone.

The microphones are disposed near the ear to measure the noise. The amount of required noise cancellation will be used to judge whether this created seal is good or not. When poor seal is detected, the warning actions will be noticed on your device. Some self-adjustment steps included along with these headphones include balance, noise cancellation adjustments and equalization.

This earbud patent has been filled back in February for the first time. The inventors are Jeffrey J. Terlizzi, Victor Tiscareno, Wendell B. Sander and Chris Todd Beauchamp.

Apple has taken few steps towards making the perfect earbud headphones. As it seems, they are not stopping here. If this patent comes as a real thing and Apple produces these headphones, it can change everything. Apple’s in-ear headphones needed some refreshments, will this be the thing that fits perfectly with previously released iTunes Radio?

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