Motorola to Offer Consumers More Options for Customizing Phones

Sara Cunningham July 6, 2013 3
Motorola to Offer Consumers More Options for Customizing Phones

We haven’t heard so much from Motorola by now and suddenly, a lot of rumors started floating around involving this Google’s acquisition. We all know that Motorola didn’t go well on the market when big companies showed up. Google has bought it for a fair price tag but we were all left wondering why Google did this. Some rumors are saying that Motorola Mobile started developing its Moto X smartphone.

This new report shows that Motorola will offer their customers a chance to choose the look of their smartphone and have it delivered just in few days. When it launches officially, you will be able to choose the trim and the back colors. You can ask Motorola to engrave your name or your favorite quote on the back cover. Some sources are saying that you can upload them a photo which will be included as screen wallpaper when it’s delivered to you.

Previously we heard Moto X will run on Google’s Android OS version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Some reports are saying that Verizon Wireless already tests out the smartphone along with some other carriers. Verizon has noted that a Droid phone will be its next flagship phone but according to The Verge Moto X is not the one. Few days ago, Motorola has set up a “Sigh Up” page for its Moto X but offered only these few details. We could see some advertisements in several newspapers showing this phone will be manufactured in the U.S.

moto x

Motorola has announced that more than 2.000 new employees will help building these phones. This domestic location will speed up the shipping process and the phones will be in customers’ hands just in few days of their order. This handset, Moto X, will represent the rebirth of this company that really struggled on the field trying to sell Android based smartphones. This company has a great collaboration with Verizon but it seems that it has done so little into keeping up the pace with Samsung or Apple. Maybe this will be the product that will bring the up the hopes.

Verizon has declined to comment on this report and we are still waiting for Motorola to make its version of this story. It’s nice to see a company that we thought is far behind us trying to make its way through the top again. I’m looking forward seeing this phone on my desk in near future.



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