What You Should Know Before you Decide to Buy a Smartphone

Alex Bezeau July 6, 2013 0
What You Should Know Before you Decide to Buy a Smartphone


Lots of people are having difficulty to choose between so many smartphone versions out there on the market. They should know the basics first and make a list of all the things you want to see on your smartphone. There are some crucial details that can affect your smartphone choice. We are giving you a few of those important details for you to look out before you decide to buy your smartphone.

First of all, you need to find the right design for you. You will be carrying it in your pocket and you will have a really close relationship with this object. It will become a part of your life and that’s why is so important for you to think really carefully how you want it to be designed. When you hold it in your hand it should be fitting really nice and it must make you feel really comfortable while working on it. We are not going to give you devices that are perfect for this job because we don’t want to reflect your choice.



Second important thing for you must be the screen size and tech. There are numerous devices with different screen sizes. Our advice is to go to a shop and experience them all. See what will feel comfortable and meet your criteria. There are large screens which will give you a 4.7-inch display and of course, a bigger display. These screens will offer you bigger view and maybe greater one, as well, but they are hardly manageable and you have to use your both hands in order to reach everything on it. Medium and small screens are those below 4.7 inches. They will give you a similar quality to the bigger displays but they are way easier to handle and you can manipulate only with one hand. The display tech these days is reaching satisfying levels. Whatever you choose (Retina, LCD, Amoled) you will be satisfied with the quality. Maybe there are slight differences but I can assure you that they can’t be noticed easily.

You need to see what is powering your device. Newest smartphones can be described with two words: power beasts. Buying a phone with a faster processor will give you a great overall performance. However, you should look out for the processor chip architecture, as well. Some chips are perhaps made with a great clock-speed but if they are draining the battery fast, you don’t need that kind of a phone. It’s really hard to notice the difference between a 1.9 GHz CPU and a 1.2 GHz CPU while experiencing both. The clock speed is determined by tests and both CPU versions will meet your criteria. What I’m trying to tell you that faster processor is great but it doesn’t mean that a processor with lower clock speed won’t give you what you expect.


The biggest mistake is to look the OS market numbers before you choose your smartphone. You really need to find a way how to experience all of them that are available. The leader is Android but it doesn’t mean that this OS will satisfy your needs. There is Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows 8 Phone, BlackBerry OS and others. You must get educated about their functionality and performance but never choose your smartphone looking some sales numbers. Remember – every user has a unique taste and you never know in which OS you’ll find yourself.

There are some other important things to look out for before bringing your decision but keep an eye for these. They can help you choose the best smartphone that suits you.

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