Are iOS 7 Changes in Design a Little too Much?

Jasmina Lozevska July 6, 2013 0
Are iOS 7 Changes in Design a Little too Much?

Apple has launched its iOS 7 for developers last month and we saw a lot of great reviews and comments. This company has completely redesigned its interface bringing new features. Some analysts already said that this is the first excitement Apple users will get after 2007 when the first iPhone was presented by Steve Jobs. Only few months before this iOS 7 is officially launched for the public, we asked ourselves – are iOS 7 design changes are little bit too much?

Maybe we can’t still decide whether it is too much or not because we didn’t see how it will perform but several reports are showing some issues that will be hard to resolve. The biggest issue might affect the software developers. They need to find the great balance between familiarity and novelty while updating the OS. The new platform must have familiar points in order to be brought close to the users and make them feel comfortable. It must be developed in a way that users will understand its language while including some new elements to make the improvement. It seems like a hard process seen on paper but I’m sure that developers will find their way, like they always tend to do.

This iOS 7 was compared with Windows Vista. Of course, this OS from Microsoft failed the balancing process. Many users were confused while working on it and this OS was really quickly transformed into Windows 7. However, Apple isn’t Microsoft and I assume it has predicted all mistakes that Microsoft done while building its product.


According to HCI, this iOS 7 could be really ahead of its time. It was noted that Apple’s new operating system might not be on the same track like Windows Vista but anything could happen. In the classic iOS, reality based-icons really gave users perfect visual hints to which were represented by perfectly designed symbols. In this new iOS 7 users could be confused because it’s unclear where text becomes a button or where this button transforms in a drop-down.

Users felt quite comfortable using sophisticated look on their touchscreen. That’s why Apple’s developers removed some visual cues like buttons and borders.

We can agree that it will signify a brand new experience and we’ll be enjoying while working on it. Entropy Labs has mentioned that developers will have to spend more time developing and testing new apps. There is no doubt that iOS 7 will be a game changer.

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