Apple Hires Deneve, the CEO of Yves St Laurent for Special Projects

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Apple Inc. hires the 53-year-old of Yves St Laurent group’s former chief executive officer, Paul Deneve to realize their proposed projects for Tim Cook. Deneve has worked for Apple in 1990s, and when he left, became the CEO of Nina Ricci and Lanvin before joining Yves St Laurent.

The Promotions and Other Fashion Names Under the Company

The fact that Apple has been traditionally promoted, its movement, reveals how Cook is searching outside the company’s quandary to fill the serious roles.  Pete Distad, the executive of Hulu LLC was also hired to help certain negotiations to obtain clear content for Apple TV. Paul Deneve is not the only fashion executive working with this iPhone maker. The CEO and chairman of J Crew Group Inc, Mickey Drexler is also on Apple’s board. Tim cook also is a director of Nike Inc.  According to the California-based company, Apple is thrilled to meet Paul Deneve. He will act as a vice president of the company and will be reporting to Tim Cook directly.

Quick Look of Paul Deneve’s Experience

The high fashion jobs give Deneve’s experience in selling products at a higher price. According to Yves St Laurent’s website, a leather jacket from its premium collection cost more than $5000. A pair of women’s shoes costs $625. Paul Deneve will not be filling the vacant job of Apple, which is currently running. Since the departure of John Browett, who has worked for a year after replacing Ron Johnson, the position remains open.


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What Could a Fashion House Expert CEO Give to Apple?

Speculations think that it has something to do with iWatch. The California-based company needs more help because their existing existing watches do not fit for the 21st century and do not convince people at all. If we are talking about their rivalries such as Rolex, IWC and Patek Philippe, things are tougher.

The Driven Innovations of the Company

Apple has always positioned itself as more than a computer-based company. Innovation is what drives to this iPhone maker company to expand and invent new things. Francesca Bellettini will be the new CEO of Yves St Laurent after Deneve’s departure. The company revealed in a statement about taking up new career opportunities that floats in the high tech industry.

The question still remains; will Paul Deneve break the fashion hindrances as usual? All we need to do is to wait and see.

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