Microsoft Plans to Host Gamescom Press Conference 2013

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Microsoft Plans to Host Gamescom Press Conference 2013


According to the CVG, Microsoft is currently planning to host a full press conference held at European trade show Gamescom in August this year admitting that the company hasn’t taken steps since 2005. Developers were informed and notified about the Gamescom press conference for an hour, but neither the order nor the date has been finalized.

What the Gamescom Press Conference Is all About?

The report cited unnamed sources that states that the third party studios have been notified an hour-long conference which are based on Xbox One. This is designed to recap its core message behind the controversial Xbox One, while attempting also the security of the console’s footing within European territories, because the Xbox has been traditionally trendy in the UK. While the EA and the likes are regularly hosted at Gamescom, Microsoft has not yet staged a big public-facing event since the publication of the Xbox 360’s launching price a way back 2005.

The Missed Big Event and the Announcement

The annual event of Cologne, Germany was a big event, but Microsoft decided to skip. The giant company has released an announcement regarding the plans of the show, which would eventually take place in August 21-25. Graeme Boyd, the social marketing manager of Xbox EMEA tweeted the comeback of Xbox this August at Gamescom. This will be the next chapter of gaming experiences.

Plans of Microsoft to Have a Gamescom Press Conference (2)


Last month at E3, the giant company was widely deemed to have been surpassed by competitor Sony’s showing of the latest PlayStation 4. The Gamescom press conference may be seen as a first large scale opportunity for the company to gain the lost ground, to give a dramatic address to their users since the vivid turnaround post-E3 in policies and the Don Mattrick’s departure. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity to spin what has been disastrous in the relationship for the past years.

Microsoft in the U.K. has released a statement in the CVG report regarding the excitements they experienced towards Gamescom press conference. But the announcement of further details on their plans will not be revealed at the moment. Staying tuned for more details was the last advised.

Updates on Gamescom Press Conference

The former version of the story has stated that Microsoft had not yet staged a Gamescom press conference. As a matter of fact, the company has had a conference a way back 2005. As dated, the Xbox One will be released this November at a cost of $499/£429/€499.

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