New Exploration: Another Dell Wearable Device Innovation

Jaycee De Guzman July 7, 2013 0
New Exploration: Another Dell Wearable Device Innovation


Since Dell continues to struggle against the diminishing shipment figures, the company is looking forward to move into a dynamic Dell wearable device. According to Sam Burd, Dell’s executive, having a wrist watch is pretty interesting and appealing. However, there are challenges to face including the cost and the creation of the device as to what people want to wear.

The Progression of Dell Wearable Device

Dell has finally made into the top since other giant companies have already started out. Google has already marketed Google Glass in the market. Google glass is an augmented portfolio that comes with reality eyeglasses to feed data through maps and text messages to the tiny screen being embedded in the right lens. For the moment, Apple hired the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent Group to work on iWatch. Apple’s designers and engineers are currently working on this iOS-supported timepiece which is capable to run a broad range of apps. Despite not release final confirmation, a lot of tech journalists and analysts are reasonably expectant that the confirmation will be released some other time.  The progressions just prove that Dell wearable device is about to come.

Not the Sole Challenger

Apple is not the only giant technology company that produces technology enhanced timepiece. Samsung, LG and Google have reportedly produced similar wrist-hardware development. Both Samsung and Google are also planning to release wearable devices of their own. Both are more likely to be powered by Android, but no other details have been released just yet. But, Microsoft does not want to be left behind. It might be a Windows 8-powered wearable device in the future.  In short, if Dell wearable device is introduced as D-Watch, or whatsoever, it is not a sole company introducing such innovation.

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Offers of Wearable Electronics

If any certain cases, wearable electronics present some significant design and engineering challenges. For beginners, there is a small issue of battery life. Given the fact that people are willing to connect their Smartphone to the nearest power supply once a day, they may revolt the idea of frequent charging of eyeglasses and wristwatch. Second point, both watches’ and eyeglasses’ comes with relatively small size. This means it only has a miniscule screen that could possibly create problems for people who would love to create software.

The Features of Google Glass

Google Glass features 570-mAh, which is a single-cell 2.1-Wh. It also comes with the Lithium Polymer battery that is tucked into the frame. According to Google, the Glass is capable of one day use on a single battery charge. According to Star Simpson and Scott Torborg, the in-lens display of Google Glass offers 640×360, exactly a native resolution. Its pixels are roughly 1/8th of the physical width.

Smart Watch for Apple

In March of this year, there’s a statement released that Apple was currently experimenting designs all for smart watch. They also tune certain features, like increasing the battery life to last 5 days. They are also currently working on the iPhone’s iOS to support the device. As expected, the iWatch is capable to manage tasks similar to the iPad and the iPhone.

These devices present foundation towards the building of the companies. As the market gets crowded, it would be very difficult to develop the next step generation features that will stand out.  In the case of Dell wearable device, exploring the evolution of wearable electronics is a way to strengthen its revenues. The company is trying to fight against the anemic PC sales when that time comes.  As it was demonstrated, the shameful attempts in producing a tablet in order to battle with the Apple’s iPad may not be appropriate if the experiment does not turn out good.



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