Kindle Fire HD Being Offered By Amazon for $169 Special

Jasmina Lozevska July 8, 2013 0
Kindle Fire HD Being Offered By Amazon for $169 Special

Amazon noted a great success selling its Kindle Fire tablets. We saw so many reviews and comments praising these devices. Amazon has now decided to offer its Kindle Fire HD for a reduced price of $169. We still don’t have any details and what does this mean but for now we can say that it’s the right time to buy it. This tablet is now available for this price in the U.K., U.S and Europe.

This 7-inch Kindle Fire HD 16 GB model, will be selling for $169 in the U.S. £139 in the U.K and €169 in Europe. This model has cost $199 before it was discounted for 12%. This follows the recent discounted price of Kindle’s biggest rival The Nook HD tablets. It was said that Nook’s company, Barnes & Noble, is getting out from the tablet business and they want to get rid of every single tablet device they have.

You can purchase the Kindle Fire HD right from Amazon’s site and for the money, you will get the ad-supported version. The other 32GB version also noted a price cut to £159. Unfortunately, the bigger Kindle Fire HD 8.9 didn’t get any price cut and it stands still at £229.


For this amount of money, you will get a tablet that has a perfect design. It gives a comfortable feel while holding it. This impressive tablet will give you a great sound quality coming out of the speakers and it has the best interface you can get from a 7-inch tablet. Its beautiful screen and wide media options give you the Kindle Fire experience as it should be. It’s equipped with many features giving you a nice and easy tablet experience. Kindle Fire HD gives you access to the Android market and you can choose from the huge amount of Android apps. If you are looking for the cheapest and best way for watching movies, TV Shows, reading books and magazines, this tablet will be your best acquisition. It has great battery life and it will last approximately three of four days.

Maybe there are few more devices that can meet your criteria but Kindle Fire HD will give you what the other devices can’t. Plus, they are expensive and have quite the same functionality like this tablet. You can use this discount as an advantage to buy it now because it might return to its initial price later on.

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