Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Apple iPhone 5 – Who Deliver Highest Sales?

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs. Apple iPhone 5 – Who Deliver Highest Sales?


Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 is a rivalry that has turned into a supreme war, and the flagship Smartphones of each brand acts as their most deadly weapon. With Apple, you have the iPhone 5, a simple device, but a very light and swift on its feet. With Samsung, you have the Galaxy S4, which has a steady stream of features and a bigger screen. Without a doubt, Samsung’s phone is newer and shinier, but not necessarily the best choice. We ditch the iPhone 5 against the most recent Galaxy S4 sales in a hard-fought battle to conclude which device reins the best.

Consensus Calculations of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5

According to Korean-based Yonhap News, since its April 26 debut, Samsung has shipped 20 million units of Galaxy S4. This made the South Korean’s Galaxy device the fastest selling ever compared to its Galaxy S3, which sold only 1.7 million. Despite the impressive figures at first thoughts, what is the position of Galaxy S4 sales to the sales of Apple’s iPhone 5?

Given the fact that Apple does not give too much detail about their sales, and Samsung also does not reveal their shipment figures, it just takes a little time to calculate the rate of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 sales. Brian Marshall, the analyst of the ISI group used the quarterly sales and opening weekend of Apple to come up the estimated number of units being sold for the first 25 days after iPhone 5’s debut. As for Samsung, Marshall utilized the consensus estimate of Galaxy S4, which is shipped in 60 days at 20 million units.

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Detailed Figures of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Marshall noted to investors about Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5, and pointed out that the Galaxy S4 hit the 20 million units as it is marked from the shipment within 60 days. As it is explained, about 330,000 units per day versus the 100 days for the previous models (Galaxy S3) to hit the given 20 million units which has a selling figure of 200,000. As for the Apple, Marshall based its estimation of the iPhone 5’s opening weekend sales, and its 48 million overall iPhone 5 sales for the first full quarter. He estimated that Apple took only 25 days for the iPhone 5 to hit the given 20 million figures, as it is marked only 805,000per day. If compared to Samsung’s estimation, Apple hit more than the double rate of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

The Fair Reality of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5

Even though the Galaxy S4 marked the fastest selling device among Samsung models, it is clearly evident that this South Korean giant technology maker could not go beyond the rates of Apple’s iPhone 5. Pointing out the slow demand for Galaxy S4, J.P Morgan’s mid-June report shows the lowered 2013 earnings of Samsung by 9%. After the released, it reported that Samsung lost $12.4 billion, declining to $187.8 billion. Marshall stated the Apple’s position on a recent NBC appearance, and stressed out that Apple’s product introductions for the future quarters will be enough to re-accelerate the growth of earnings. He added his conviction towards the slow stock movements in the forwarded future predictions. Marshall has a rating of “strong buy” and the price target of $600 on Apple stock. The rivalry of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Apple iPhone 5 depends on certain factors, but when it comes to sales, no doubt Apple delivers the highest sales.

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