Facebook Sensors Ad Placements for Questionable Pages

Sara Cunningham July 8, 2013 0
Facebook Sensors Ad Placements for Questionable Pages

Facebook has become stricter when its safety is in question. Earlier this week, this social network has announced that it will no longer allow offensive ads on pages that have violent content.  This move was a result after a big pressure from an even bigger group of advocates. It targets content that is treated as offensive by many users. This was announced by a blog post which was posted on the official Facebook blog page.

According to it, the goal is protecting the brands and people from this violent content while pushing the freedom of sharing. This isn’t the first complaint that Facebook received about violent content. Women’s organization has been complaining about Facebook pages that contained violence against women. This campaign was helped by petitions which were sent to Facebook Advertisers. Very fast, he campaign gained a notably positive effect. Few advertisers like Nationwide and Nisan UK have said that they are pulling their ads from Facebook. The others said that they will monitor the situation little longer and then decide if they need to pull their ads away, too.

Now, Facebook has announced that new standards will involve which groups or pages may have ads placed directly on them. This process will begin with all offensive pages which have been flagged as inappropriate or offensive by users. This social network has 1 billion users that have to be satisfied by their Facebook experience, while the social network itself provides ways for the advertisers to produce their revenue.


On its blog post, Facebook has said that they will not be perfect but they will try to become better. Facebook has added that it will continue to work really hard on preventing this issue with its advertisers. They seemed quite confident with these steps which are taken as a result to improve the approach towards preventing these issues. Facebook feels committed for making this process work to satisfy everyone who uses Facebook.

It’s really nice to see a big social network like Facebook taking care of its users in this way. I know that this is their business that needs to be taken care of but the users need to help the process, too. They need to be Facebook’s second eye monitoring and reporting offensive content as soon as they see one.

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