Dual Remake of Microsoft Windows 8.1 Makes Desktop an Afterthought

Jaycee De Guzman July 8, 2013 0


The preview version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 has currently been out for over a week already. The return of the start button has been the emphases of this week’s update. The Start button is not a Start menu. After testing and examining the new version, it is easy to say that, despite the dispensation, the old desktop is not coming back. The interesting features of preview are designed only for touch screen devices. The desktop is becoming the afterthought for Microsoft.

Latest Information About Microsoft Windows 8.1

Microsoft has added security features to the new Microsoft Windows 8.1 for the business users. The additional security features are mostly on the desktop, but in addition that, none of the new interesting tools has involved the desktop at all. The latest Search tool, which is incredibly good, runs in a Windows 8 mode. The Xbox Music, along with the latest radio mode exists only for Metro-style app. This is true for the recipe app with the hands-free Kinect-like mode, reading lists, SkyDrive, the Mail app and Internet Explorer 11, which gets a slight interface update in the Windows 8 touch-based mode, but never on the desktop. On top of that, all new and needed features for multi screen setups are designed for users running the Windows 8 apps.

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Purpose of Microsoft Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows 8.1 is designed for faster and more mobile PCs with its incredibly leading design and better Windows Stores for your business. All transactions will become faster with Windows and you are able to build apps. The Windows 8.1 presents new features under the cover to make it the easiest, fastest and most secure in managing the Microsoft’s operating system for laptop, desktop, or tablet.


The User’s All Around Experience to Microsoft Windows 8.1

Because Microsoft modifies the features of Microsoft Windows 8.1, the users’ experience becomes better than ever. The more you use the device, the more you start to feel like owning a tablet OS that has a desktop package. The first version is like the other way around. But because you can resize the Windows 8 apps, you are allowed to use more than 2 apps simultaneously. Above all, Windows 8 is like a full-blown operating system tablet that has the right apps. It can even compete with Google and Apple. Opening your emails, and feeling the browser’s experience alongside upon clicking the link makes you feel natural. For instance, apps like Skype, have not been updated to work in this new function mode, but for sure, they will all be updated before the Windows 8.1 is released. Microsoft is about to launch its new Windows 8 office apps, so for the business users, switching your desktop will soon become unnecessary.

The Microsoft Windows 8.1 Limited Issue

Despite the all-time perfection, there’s one issue to be resolved. The issue is related to the gestures needed, such as swiping from the left, and the need to swipe back quickly to bring the apps lists running in the background.  The gestures are not spontaneous, but when the user is getting used to it, it would feel like a modern operating system in a tablet.

We all know that desktop has already been a part of the legacy mode. Most users are getting used to the desktop. As of this giant company, Microsoft, the desktop has become an afterthought, because it gambles with the thought that people prefer touch screens for the next few years. Except for the issues related to Start button, it has remained practically untouched in Microsoft Windows 8.1 preview. Even the Setting menu, which previously destined you to desktop can do anything meaningful. Microsoft will support any meaningful things for the foreseeable future.

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