Apple’s New MacBook Air Setting the Bar for Battery Life on Tech Gadgets

Alex Bezeau July 9, 2013 0
Apple’s New MacBook Air Setting the Bar for Battery Life on Tech Gadgets


Apple’s new laptop was launched earlier at the developer’s conference. This new MacBook Air was introduced as a device with great specs and features along with a great battery life. Exactly this feature, all-day battery life, will become essential part of any light and thin laptop. With this innovation, Apple has proved that it hasn’t lost its touch for making special devices, just like the new Macbook Air is.

The batteries of Macbook Air’s predecessors, has lasted approximately 7 and a half hours. On a battery drain test, the newest version has surpassed these numbers with breathtaking 14h and 25min. These results have been collected on the same tests. There were some analysts saying that the new Haswell processor played a big role in this model, but if you look closely, we are talking about nearly 15 hours of “awake” time.

The other analysts, who didn’t share this opinion, don’t care that the design didn’t change a bit from its previous models. There aren’t even any major changes to its display resolution. This new all-day battery life feature is the next big thing important for them.  Is this something that will give all laptops a new look?


We should expect Windows 8 ultrabooks to include the same battery life in the next models. There is no doubt that Intel’s new Haswell processor chips are helping the process but we can’t say that they will take the whole credit. Acer is expected to have a better screen resolution than the Macbook Air with its new Acer Aspire S7. It’s clear that the PC makers will be focusing on the battery life while making their other machines.

This is a great time for Microsoft to take advantage in making their Surface Pro tablets with a long-lasting battery life. All reviews have said that these tablets lack a good battery durations. With the implementation of this new technology and including this new feature, Microsoft will provide its customers with decent batteries on their computers. However, other competitor companies seem to have another problem they need to be focused on now. It was reported that MacBook Air has been crushing its direct Windows competition in the United States. The great reviews about this MacBook Air 2013 could make PC makers decision-making tough while they start implementing these changes.

Apple has done a great job with the production of its MacBook Air. At first sight, we thought that nothing was changed but after a while, we got great reviews and as you can see, a brand new competition killer specs.

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