Mini Smartphones to be Next Big Thing in Gadgets

Heidi Speare July 9, 2013 0


Tech giants that produce big-screen smartphones are looking forward to making a smaller device and then call it Mini. Samsung has released its Galaxy S4 Mini few months ago and we heard numerous rumors saying that Apple will release its iPhone Mini real soon. It is said that HTC will release a Mini version of its HTC One, as well. We are heading towards an era where Mini smartphones could be the next big thing in gadgets. They are small, easy to use, light and have quite the same specs and features of their bigger brothers. Sounds perfect to me!

We have seen the smartphone revolution going in the direction of manufacturing bigger screens. Smartphones became larger, especially the Android-based ones. We’ve even seen Apple making its iPhone 5 with extra app row. After the big-screen smartphone trend, we are starting to see the very same trend, but in opposite direction. Samsung and BlackBerry launched their Mini versions and like we said earlier, Apple and HTC could follow. The Galaxy S4 Mini has a 4.3-inch screen and BB Q10 wasn’t made smaller than its bigger Q10 brother but it uses last year’s specs.

According to Kevin Smithen, a Macquarie Securities analyst, emerging markets will be the key market responsible for future growth. This could be a great factor for Mini smartphones as giant smartphone growth is beginning to slow down in some markets such as Western Europe and the US. The customers in the smaller markets are low on budget and they seek low-cost smartphones. This is exactly where Mini smartphones will take advantage.


Big-screen smartphones have a high price tag, so smaller devices meant for the low-cost smartphone market are proven to be very popular in these regions. We have reported earlier that the iPhone doesn’t belong in the Top 5 list of most-selling smartphone devices in China. ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei are leading the way. Smithen has added that high-end smartphone manufacturers finally woke up and welcomed the fact that Mini smartphones could bring them more success. Some other analysts have said that these companies didn’t quite get the message. According to them, Mini smartphones should have a reduced price, not a smaller screen.

Just for comparison, China smartphone companies are producing devices that cost less than $350. The new Galaxy S4 Mini is selling for $530 in the U.K. One analyst has a perfect explanation for this. He believes that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini is a test for its display size. When this market becomes gets “too crowded”, companies will feel free to offer several devices and hit every affordable price point.

As rumors for the new iPhone Mini by Apple are rapidly spreading on the web, I’m slowly realizing that it will be really nice to see how a company that was producing only high-end smartphones, joins these markets. According to Jeff Kegan, an independent market analyst, this would be a smart move by Apple because by offering two or more devices, they will let consumers choose.

The smartphone market is a place where small-sized smartphones can be as successful as the ones with bigger screens. Some people are searching for smaller devices because they are the best fit for their hands or pockets. Others prefer big screen smartphones because they want to stream video content or get better playing experience. Offering two different sized smartphones will be a win-win situation plus they will gain more revenue with attacking the low-cost smartphone market.

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