Apple Files for Alleged Apple iWatch Patent

Jasmina Lozevska July 9, 2013 0

It’s been a long time since we last heard rumors about this new iWatch wearable gadget from Apple. A new report says that Apple filed a trademark patent on June 3 for the iWatch name in Japan. Perhaps this doesn’t mean anything because big companies are filling trademark applications all the time. However, in this situation, it could signify a confirmation that Apple is making this wearable gadget.

The popular iPhone manufacturer wants to protect the name for this handheld computer. This was reported by Japan Patent Office. Apple’s shares aren’t where they are supposed to be and this has been a major concern for CEO Tim Cook. He must launch a new groundbreaking product that will make up the lost. It was said that Apple has a team of 100 designers currently working on this watch. As it seems, it will be able to perform many tasks and will be handled by iPad and iPhone.

According to Tavis McCourt, Raymond James & Ass. Inc. analyst, we can expect an Apple TV, watch and few other devices in near future. These devices will be first bought by users with high income, he added.


These are not the only rumors we heard this year, involving Apple’s iWatch. We still can’t make a final decision what this gadget will look like or what will its feature list include when it’s finally launched. However, rumors helped us make some blurry image in our heads. One report has said that this iWatch will run on iOS but it will lack a long battery life. Different source said that this wearable gadget will have several sensors along with pedometer that will help it compete with some other fitness gadgets.

Tim Cook has mentioned that new and amazing hardware will be launched this fall and another during 2014. He didn’t share any details if Apple would refresh some of its products or they will be something that was never seen before. This trademark application might give us the iWatch device later this fall.

Apple isn’t the only company that is rumored to launch a new wristwatch gadget. Right after Apple, Samsung has been reporting that it had a smartwatch on their mind for a long time. Google and Microsoft were both rumored to try and produce a smartwatch which will be compatible on the market. While we wait for these companies to release their products, Sony has released its SmartWatch 2 and you can always run to Pebble watch if you want this gadget right now.

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