MSN TV to be Shut-Down by Microsoft September 30

Sara Cunningham July 9, 2013 0

Microsoft follows the trend of shutting down services. Right after Yahoo and Google shut down couple of their services, Microsoft is next in line to shut down its MSN TV. According to the company, this service will be history on September 30. This service began operating in the 90’s and represented one of the first TV boxes that offered Internet connection through the TV set.

Microsoft has revealed this in the e-mail sent to its subscribers and in a FAQ version on its official Web site. Steve Perlman founded this service back in 1996 and one year later, Microsoft decided to buy it for $425 million. It was a great acquisition back then and as you can see, it lasted through all these years. It offered a television-based Web browsing and e-mail through wireless keyboards. In 2001, this service was given the name MSN TV in order to enter the chain with the other products as MSN Hotmail and Messenger.

This service was even offered for free to the new MSN online service. It failed to keep its pace and Microsoft struggled to keep it on a high level because they were extremely focused on its Xbox. This comes at the right time for Apple, as it puts an effort into making its TV box-set and when Microsoft offered this same TV programming through its new Xbox One.


It was said that Apple is close to reaching a deal with Time Warner Cable, which will bring brand new channels to its Apple TV. Subscribers to this service will be enjoying more for the same amount of money, for now. Apple recently reached an agreement with HBO GO by Time Warner Inc. and WatchESPN applications by Disney. Right when the competition is getting stronger and the market tightens, Microsoft decided to put an end to its TV service.

According to the post on its official Web site, Microsoft had a really hard decision to make and close down this MSN TV service. However, with the new Xbox One, this company will offer to its users another TV program streaming service again so they won’t miss this MSN TV. There are no details about the number of subscribers of MSN TV but I assume there aren’t many.

Share with us in comments your own thoughts about this shutting down by Microsoft. Did you ever used MSN TV?

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