BlackBerry Q5 to Be Released in India on July 16

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BlackBerry Q5 to Be Released in India on July 16


According to the sources, the much awaited, reasonable range, decent techie performance level BlackBerry Q5 will finally launch in India on the 16th day of July with a price tag of Rs 25000. The price is in line with Malaysia where the new Smartphone is to be released on the 15th day of July. The BlackBerry’s dual-core QWERTY relative device has been the most awaited handset among Indian fans since the release of full-touch BlackBerry Z10 premium. But, what do you know about this newly invented technology? Below are the detailed specifications of the unit.

Design Features of BlackBerry Q5

The new Q5 model comes with a high quality build. It has a solid build and a balanced weight. BlackBerry has achieved the revised QWERTY keyboard, loudspeaker button, power button and uni-body design.

Build and Hardware Features

The BlackBerry Q5 is the first uni-body device of BlackBerry, which means the user cannot remove the battery. The Micro SD and SIM card slots are located on the left side, the audio jacks and power button are located on the top, and the volume buttons are located on the right side of the phone. Unfortunately one drawback is its loudspeaker, which is located on the bottom part. The sound is firing directly at the floor which is relatively difficult to hear. One huge part of BlackBerry is its QWERTY keyboard. Most buyers who prefer BlackBerry is due to its keyboard feature.


As expected for a mid-range Smartphone, the specifications do not have to be a cutting edge. But the device is solid and has enough power and has a complete QWERTY keyboard. It has a 3.1 inch touch screen display and has 720 x 720 pixels. Its processor is dual core 1.2 GHz. Its on-board memory is 8 GB. The operating system responsible is the BlackBerry 10. To ensure that unit runs smoothly, it shares the same 2 GB RAM. The BlackBerry Q5 weighs at 120 gms.

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Camera Features

The BlackBerry Q5 holds a 5 mega-pixel camera that is capable to record 1080p full HD video. It has also a 2 mega-pixel front facing camera, which is capable of recording 720p HD video. Its rear camera provides clear photos despite the lack of sharpness. The video quality of the rear camera can manage to capture activities, while maintaining its stability when moving. Another exciting feature of BlackBerry is the Time Shift, which allows the cycle of people’s faces at different angles to ensure getting the best shot.

Connectivity Details

BlackBerry Q5 is packed with connectivity features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, 4G or NFC. All of which are expected to top the end devices. However, they are becoming increasingly common among the mid-range devices.

Battery Life and Security

The battery of BlackBerry Q5 has a capacity of 2180mAh. It is said to be higher than Q10. Due to its bigger capacity, it is capable to last for one working day. Charging time is around 2-3 hours when using the mains, but 5-6 hours through the USB cable. One drawback is the lack of saving feature. It is always better to have the last save before shutting down. For business security requirements, the BlackBerry Q5 features a security enhancement to be available on the BlackBerry 10, which includes BlackBerry Balance along with secure work profiles.


The big question still remains whether the price tag of Rs 25000 will be labelled as too expensive or just another reasonable price Smartphone in India? Will BlackBerry be able to encourage buyers about their holistic supreme solution that includes brilliant office tools, greater productivity and security? How about when QWERTY is no longer the trend of a Smartphone, will the company offer better launching, such as Z25, which is a cheaper version of BlackBerry Z10, than BlackBerry Q5?

Whatever it is, the BlackBerry Q5 is moving forward and will be the key of fame and fortune in India. As previously said, the BlackBerry Q10 has already done well in this country.

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