Apple Gets Triumphed by Samsung in Fortune Global 500

Alex Bezeau July 10, 2013 1
Apple Gets Triumphed by Samsung in Fortune Global 500


The war between Apple and Samsung has been extended on another field. Fortune Global 500 has pointed out another war field between these companies. The tech market got used to seeing these two companies in a direct battle in patents, lawsuits, smartphones, features and much more. Both companies can’t have break from the constant competition, as this new Fortune Global 500 list shows Samsung surpassing Apple. This list is ranking companies from this caliber by their revenue.

Last year, Samsung netted $178.6 billion and this is enough only for 14th spot on the list. Apple falls short with $156.5 billion in revenue which placed them at 19th spot. A year ago, Samsung held the 20th spot netting $149 billion in revenue and Apple was 55th securing $108 billion in revenue. Despite their effort to win the tech market, both companies are falling short to reach higher spot on this list. According to some analyst, we can’t expect these companies to hit top spots anytime soon. Royal Dutch Shell holds the top spot this year with amazing $481.7 billion in revenue.



However, Samsung Electronics revenue is bigger but this company has less profit than Apple. According to the Fortune 500 list, Samsung has $20.6m while Apple nets $41.7m. This list ranks companies only by rank but this information was worth mentioning.

The list is big so we are going to mention only few top tech companies included in the Fortune 500 revenue list.

  • 14th place: Samsung Electronics ($178.6 billion)
  • 19th place: Apple ($156 billion)
  • 30th place: Hon Hai Precision Ind.: ($132.1 billion)
  • 32nd place: NTT ($128.9 billion)
  • 34th place: AT&T ($127.4 billion)
  • 43rd place: HP ($120.4 billion)
  • 48th place: Verizon ($115.8 billion)
  • 54th place: Hitachi ($108.9 billion)
  • 62nd place: IBM ($104.5 billion)
  • 71st place: China Mobile ($96.9 billion)

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything but it’s good to know it. A Fortune 500 revenue list is released every year and we can see the revenue of all big companies worldwide. It’s published by Fortune magazine and the first list was published back in 1955. The concept was created by Edgar P. Smith, Fortune editor. Both companies climbed few spots aiming at the top.

Feel free to share with us in comments your thoughts and future expectations from both companies.

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