PC manufacturers to get Windows 8.1 by August

Sara Cunningham July 10, 2013 0
PC manufacturers to get Windows 8.1 by August

Microsoft previewed and released for developers its most rumored Windows 8.1 codenamed Blue on June 26. We reported that we have no details about the official release date for the public or PC manufactures. This new report coming from Microsoft’s officials, Windows Blue will be delivered in late August. This puts an end to all rumors saying that we won’t see it released this year.

After the preview, Microsoft didn’t scheduled further tests or builds. The next stop for them is release to manufacture (RTM). The company announced that Windows 8.1 will be available for all Win 8 and Win RT users through the Windows Store and it will be free.

Microsoft followers were saying that the RTM and general Windows 8.1 public availability won’t happen simultaneously. New devices aren’t expected to be launched with fresh Win 8.1 version until September or October but it’s expected this Windows Blue to be released very shortly after the official RTM. Microsoft completely changed its strategy for releasing one Windows version every 2 or 3 years into more rapid delivery. This company wants to roll out new OS releases on annual basis, sources say.

Recent tests performed by developers showed a buggy Windows OS version. It’s still in test period but this makes the developers wondering if Microsoft needs to wait a little bit longer before releasing the RTM version. As it seems, this won’t be the case, so we expect Microsoft to release bug fixes packages more frequently. This won’t be strange for users because the company did this with its previous Windows 8.


Windows 8.1 Blue brought some of the most required features back like the Start Button. Some new features were revealed and old ones were upgraded. Microsoft believes that this version will attract developers into building more apps to bring better experience. Lots of complaints were heading towards Microsoft for its previous Windows 8 version and we expect to hear some positive comments and reviews this time. Recently we covered 4 things that weren’t fixed by this new Windows Blue but we expect them to be covered in future service packs.

We must wait until the end of August to officially say how it performs. I expect it to bring a new dimension and experience on our Windows based devices. We will see if Microsoft has learned its lesson and made this Windows as perfect as any everybody expects.

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