Chief Executive Says: BlackBerry Imperfections on New Phones

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Chief Executive Says:  BlackBerry Imperfections on New Phones


The chief executive of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins acknowledged BlackBerry imperfections on their new phone. During the annual meeting, Mr. Heins told the investors that the company needs a lot of time for another turn around and he asked for more patience. Though not everyone has kept their tongue on the issue, one investor pointed out that his analysis regarding the rollout is about the Z10 disaster. However, Mr. Heins responded that they are all good together and the thing called “disaster” was not true at all.

BlackBerry Imperfections Over Samsung and Apple

BlackBerry has developed their operating system for more than two years already. That’s why their new phones and OS are designed and expected to give better Smartphone capabilities, similar to those with Samsung and Apple, which are the dominant technology makers in the market. The hopes have swept away because they have been expecting higher sale rates. According to the Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, the survey just reached 0.9%. Last month, the BlackBerry Company stated that it shipped only 2.7 million. According to the analysts, the figures are lower than they expect. The BlackBerry imperfections and disappointments have set the company’s stock sharply downhill and reduced the likelihood of a turnaround celebration.


BlackBerry Imperfections Story

Just this year, Mr. Heins introduced the new phone of the company in New York. The crowd was excited as it has repeatedly mentioned the excellence of the phone along with enthusiastic developers. On Tuesday, however, he was muted when he faced questions from countless shareholders that asked him about the weak sales of the phones. Perhaps, he is hoping nothing but the best. A few weeks ago, upon the release of the shipment numbers, the company reported a loss in the latest quarter of approximately $84 million. The shares of BlackBerry have still not recovered and a swarm of harsh questions being thrown into the company has not swept away.

Once again, Mr. Heins warned the investors to expect more losses in the present quarter despite the increase in expenditures of their promotions and marketing of their new BlackBerry 10. Even though the company has spent two years stating that the phones were the key to fortunes, he pointed out that BlackBerry is not only a device company. He also outlines hopes for their business growth despite BlackBerry imperfections.

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U.S Market Disappointments

One shareholder has thrown out questions regarding why the company did not win the heart of American investors especially those in New York. He simply responded that the battle was absolutely an uphill for BlackBerry imperfections. A BlackBerry’s spokesman admitted that Richard Piasentin, the US managing director of sales and marketing has left last month. Problems towards the release of the BlackBerry 10 seemed more related to other products rather than their lack of importance in carriers and advertising.

Feedbacks From the Users  

Buyers of BlackBerry Q10, which is a model that includes a signature keyboard of the company, shared the BlackBerry imperfections experience upon discovering the not synchronized contact information and calendar features of the phone. They also shout out some issues regarding Microsoft Outlook, which is the basis of their corporate systems. Other users also discovered the issue related to mail syncing. Even though the company continued to expand the apps being presented, there are still many important missing features.

Among the disappointed user was Mark R. McQueen, the chief executive officer in Wellington financial. McQueen has been BlackBerry loyalist ever since. He shared his frustrations over Q10 and wrote detailed posts itemizing the BlackBerry imperfections on his personal blog. He included the shortcomings of the phone has made him decide to sell his shares at a loss. Despite the disappointments shared by many users, a lot of techie reviewers praised some features of this new phone, but no doubt left a simple comment that the phone is not worth dying for.

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