Yelp open for Pickup and Delivery Now

Jasmina Lozevska July 11, 2013 0
Yelp open for Pickup and Delivery Now

Yelp has been connecting people with great local businesses while providing its users with reliable and useful information on how to make great spending decisions. It allows people share that experience with others online. This company has introduced its new Yelp Platform that will give you a new transaction way on Yelp. This review site has expanded its reach and now can let members to place orders directly through its site.

This new offer is powered by and Eat24, delivery providers, and it will start only in few selected locations. Yelp has a future plan to extend its new service and include many restaurants across the United States. There is an ordering option included and people can order food through its mobile app or through the official Yelp site. You can also book lots of different services like yoga sessions, dentist appointments without living the local business list.

This introduces a new commerce aspect to the consumers who were using Yelp only to gather information about local business and leave. It was helping all companies place more ads to small business with a wish to convert future prospects into paying their customers on spot.


These services will be made available on every screen that you use today (iOS, mobile or desktop Web). Yelp has said that Android app with this ordering option will be coming soon. According to the company, Yelp Platform is the next direct step for connecting local business with millions of users. In the upcoming months, Yelp promised that more categories will be added in near future. They won’t roll out every service possible on a hurry. Yelp Platform will be spreading around category by category. They have started with food delivery and pick up with more to follow.

People needed an easy and streamlined consumer experience and that is why Yelp decided to spread seeds for growing its service into something which will be closer to its customers. You can now easily take your mobile device or sit in front of your computer and order food for family reunion with a couple of clicks. Online ordering experience has never been easier and there is no doubt that Yelp will become your next favorite destination. You can consider ordering food while you are reading restaurant’s user review.

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