People Wonder Is Amazon Resurrecting Flash after it Mysteriously shows up on the Kindle Fire

Alex Bezeau July 11, 2013 1
People Wonder Is Amazon Resurrecting Flash after it Mysteriously shows up on the Kindle Fire


It’s been six months since we first heard that Amazon is testing its Flash on a mobile device. This company hopes that this will be the best way for enabling customers to stream better quality video content through Flash. This already forgotten technology for mobile devices has started with tests in February. Amazon is looking for the proper reason for bringing it back.

This was confirmed by Amazon’s Kurt Kufeld who said that they just wanted to offer several new features that will solve issues and customers’ discontent while using the cloud. He added that a customer has commented that he wants to view Flash content while using the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire was the perfect testing platform for this Flash tech.

This tech will rely on Kindle Fire’s Silk browser and on Amazon’s cloud technologies. This company is not the first to try and bring back Flash. Opera has tried the same connection between local computing and its cloud service as a way to save data, while focusing its effort towards iSwifter that has been used for delivering Flash content to all Apple devices. Adobe has supported Flash on Android based devices but retrieved it few years ago.


Amazon has the biggest potential for using this Flash video streaming service and to deliver the content broader. Rolling out this streaming option on more websites is the company’s future plans. According to Kufeld, expending the list with more available sites is simple because this feature is built on AWS cloud. He added that it’s still too early but he and his Silk browser team are very excited about it. Amazon has announced that 1.4 million minutes of video content was streamed during the first month through only few enabled sites. Since then, Amazon has added few more sites and they are looking forward to extending it further.

At the end, Kufeld said that they are working hard to bring back Flash support without compromising its memory, stability, security or performance. Flash was a dominant force back in the days but Apple, let’s say, ruined its future. With releasing its iOS based devices by not including Flash, the technology started fading away. Even its company, Adobe, has ditched it few years ago. Flash has succeeded to survive on the Web and many people can’t imagine streaming content without it.

There are no details how Amazon will expand its Flash tech but they clearly have a plan and a great team working behind it. It’s unclear how Kufeld and Silk team will move from video to Flash games and other content that takes slow rendering on all mobile devices. Kufeld declined to comment their future plans.

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