PlayStation 4: Much to Do About the Unveiling of the New Game System

Jasmina Lozevska February 21, 2013 0

Sony is introducing its next PlayStation gaming console. The PlayStation 4 is getting revealed at a New York City media event. But what should we expect from it?

So, now that it’s officially here, the PlayStation 4 keeps this name and thrills viewers at the New York City event, as its highly-rumored features are getting a detailed review. And now, what are the rumors that proved to be right? Which features has been announced on the event until now? Here are some of the features the PlayStation 4 will offer to gamers.

The leaked photos of the controller appear to be true – it looks like Kinect and has a stereo camera with it. A lot different pause mode has been introduced and it is more of a sleep mode, enabling players to resume and suspend games while playing.

PlayStation 4 will make playing more enjoyable to players with the help of an advanced personalization. Players will be easily connected with the gaming experience they are looking for.


A ‘Try it Now’ option has been announced, which is supposed to contribute to better game choices. With this option, the gamer gets to experience each game in the PlayStation store at the moment of browsing.

With the help of a ‘Share’ button, gamers will be able to broadcast their game online. And not only that, gamers could communicate during the play and give some tips, if necessary. Sounds promising!

Several trailers of games have been shown and the first impression of them is – impressive. A lot of details and great stories will accompany the new titles for Sony’s newest console.

The bottom line is, Sony tends to fix the things that bothered gamers on the PlayStation 3 and promises a lot of cool new features that should take gaming experience to a whole other level. We’ll see how these promises will look like in reality when the console hits shelves.

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