Dropbox to Replenish Hard Drive Entirely

Wayne Bond July 11, 2013 0
Dropbox to Replenish Hard Drive Entirely

Yesterday Dropbox held its first annual developers’ conference in San Francisco. It was reported earlier that this company has some great plan on mind and that it will be revealed at this event. Dropbox has announced its Dropbox platform while this company continues to build its cloud service. It has been aiming to replace the entire hard drive and they are also aiming into expanding its cloud storage to a platform with many services.

It was introduced by Drew Houston, Dropbox CEO, while saying that this comes as a saver to solve every sync problem that will occur. It will affect everyone and it was introduced that the synchronization will be the new save feature. When the first official results came out, Drew has announced that this service has a little less than 100 million users. At the event, he announced that Dropbox has 175 million active users and this number keeps on growing every minute. Huston mentioned that one billion files have been saved to all Dropbox accounts every day.  Dropbox has been used more than just as cloud storage for data.  We are talking about online hub for friends, communication and sharing hub between colleagues, family storage platform and etc.


In few words, Dropbox Platform represents a set of tools which are directed toward developers who will determine how apps will access data through desktop and mobile platforms. According to Huston’s words, the Dropbox team has invented a simple solution to its complicated problem. A few major components were introduced and added to this new Dropbox Platform.

  • Drop-ins: This is a cross-platform that can be integrated just in few minutes. It includes a “Chooser” tool which will provide the direct access connection between web and mobile apps and Dropbox files. There is also a “Saver” tool that makes the saving data one-click away. It has been immediately made available for iOS and Android OS platforms.
  • Sync API: This component has been revealed back in February. API’s description is “private Dropbox client built right into your app”. It makes it easier for developers to integrate the cloud sync feature by Dropbox into their applications. While making their new app, developers are enabled to use it offline and then upload the made progress on an app when they decide to bring it back online.
  • Datastore API: This comes as an extension to Sync API. This feature is described as a storing and syncing data model. It can go beyond files storing and syncing contacts, game states, to-do items and etc.

100,000+ apps are already included on this Dropbox Platform.

For all iOS users, Dropbox has started making changes to its recent acquisition of Mailbox app using this APIs. There weren’t any certain details when it will be introduced only promise made by Huston that this new version will be coming pretty soon.

Dropbox has done its part improving its service. It’s just a matter of time when we are going to see new great updates and features.

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