Microsoft Windows RT: Death Knell Discussion

Wayne Bond July 11, 2013 1
Microsoft Windows RT: Death Knell Discussion

The death knell is defined as the ringing of a bell for death announcement. It is also called tolling the bell. In the world of Microsoft Windows RT, the death knell sounds. But, will the wash-based Redmond Software Company keep performing or chose to give up the CPR on it? Before anything else let us take a quick look of what Microsoft Windows RT is all about.

Microsoft Windows RT Definition

Microsoft Surface is the first tablet of Microsoft, and it is designed for Windows 8. Microsoft Surface comes in 2 distinct versions, the first one runs on Windows RT and the other one runs on Windows 8 Pro. Windows RT is the latest Windows-based operating system that is optimized for light and thin PCs that have an extended battery life. They are also designed for mobile. Microsoft Windows RT only runs fixed apps or downloaded apps from the Windows Store. Updates are automatic and keep your PC up to date. The Windows Defender also provides up-to-date malware and virus protection. Even though, it has a classic desktop, it loses the capacity to run a legacy app. Microsoft is deeply featuring their Touch Cover, which is a thin screen cover that doubles as a full keyboard.

The Acknowledgement of Microsoft Windows RT

Launched just 8 months ago, the converted laptop to tablet, Windows RT was acknowledged to be the first version of Windows to run on low-power ARM- based processors. Despite all of this acknowledgment, the Windows RT can only run on special written programs, therefore the software designed for Windows PCs is not well-suited to it. On top of that, the number of software apps for Microsoft Windows RT remains limited.

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All-Day Computing For Windows 8

Intel launched its Atom system-on-a-chip, Clover Trail to provide a battery life similar to that of ARM chips. The Clover Trail chips can power tablets that run full versions of Windows, making it irrelevant. Not only is the Atom chip based on X86 architecture, but it also allows them to run other PC applications on top of Windows 8 and promise a whole day battery life.

Nokia’s Cancellations

Now, Nokia has reportedly cancelled their plans to become visible with a Microsoft Windows RT tablet, choosing to make a full Windows tablet as an alternative. Nokia has been loyal to Microsoft’s mobile software, going over in Windows Phone for its Smartphone. Microsoft Windows RT tablets, that include Microsoft’s Surface devices, have sold weakly vs. Google Android-based tablets and Apple’s iPad. The Microsoft and partners have been marking down the devices to clear out inventory. In January, Samsung will cancel their plans to release the Windows RT tablet in the U.S., speaking its weak demand. In May, HTC has scrapped their plans to create a full-sized tablet running Microsoft Windows RT.

There are lots of 3rd party hardware vendors that stayed away from Microsoft Windows RT since from the start. These are Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard. However, Microsoft is not known for being a pessimist. If it does not succeed on the first part, they would try hard to succeed on the last part. They keep on trying. But even supporting Windows RT has been the losing cause, according to Wes Miller, the analyst said that the Microsoft is putting more importance on its downplaying RT and Windows 8 tablets. That is a deducted message from the recent Build developer’s marketing. Not like its Windows PC operating systems, Microsoft has not yet set a cycle end date support for Microsoft Windows RT. However, according to Miller, Microsoft has settled to support its Surface tablets until April 2017 with Windows RT.


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  1. charlesclarke3  July 11, 2013 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    The advantage to Windows RT is that its a mobile OS. Very secure, closed ecosystem. It you want to security of iOS and the power of Windows (multitasking, integrated centralized search, xbox music, and a million of cool features), Go with Windows RT.

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