Amazon and Apple Agree to Disagree and to Share App Store

Heidi Speare July 12, 2013 0


Big tech companies have calmed down a bit with filling lawsuits between them in recent period. In 2011, Apple has sued Amazon for using its previously branded App Store name. A new report shows that these two companies have agreed that they both can use the same name. Back then, Apple claimed that Amazon has broken its trademark which was attempted in 2008 following official App Store launch.

These companies have ended their trial over who has the legal rights over the app store name. As an addition to this lawsuit, Apple has accused Amazon for false advertising when it has changed the name app market to “Amazon Appstore for Android”. This complaint has referred to the “for Android” suffix after the Kindle Fire was launched. This suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for North. Calif. Apple has required of Amazon to describe its digital app download store through this complaint.

Amazon has defended saying that App Store is generic and requested from the court this case to be dismissed. Later on, the judge has denied Apple’s request, ruling confusion between these brands while disagreeing with Amazon that this mark is generic. This case was scheduled to go on trial in August but both companies couldn’t wait for this to happen and decided on their own.



Both companies will be using this “app store” mark freely without further trials. Kristin Huguet, Apple spokeswoman, has confirmed this decision saying that they won’t pursue their case anymore. She added that the App Store has more than 900,000 available apps and over 50 billion downloads and customers clearly know where to find their favorite applications.

Apple filled this suit saying that Amazon’s use of the App Store lessens the main use of their App Store service and all the products will bring favor to Amazon’s service. We all thought that filling lawsuits for every single feature is in their nature, but with this they have proved that, as companies, they’re moving forward. I’ve mentioned couple of times that if Apple focused more on developing new apps, features and devices more by leaving lawsuits aside, they will have bigger and better success on the market.

This company has been mentioned in lawsuits couple of times involving Samsung and Microsoft, as well. There are still ongoing trials that are expected to happen this year and next year. I hope those will be the last ones to see Apple involve, but I doubt it. However, that’s how it is at the market and sometimes you should protect what is yours.

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