Smartphones and Tablets Will Be Updated by Google Maps Apps First

Jaycee De Guzman July 12, 2013 0
Smartphones and Tablets Will Be Updated by Google Maps Apps First


When Google rolled out several official updates to Google Maps apps, it is officially confirmed that Androids will be updated first among tablets and Smartphones. Both iPhone and iPad will be updated later. The new updates designed for iPhone’s release last December had brought retirement and changes of latitude and variations to My Maps and offline as these two features are necessary.

Getting to Know Google Maps Apps

The command “explore” is used to allow users to discover new places and visually browse without the need to type. To know the different restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and parks, you simply tap the search box and the whole thing appears. The Google Maps apps features were updated to enhance the navigation, such as showing the things like current traffic situations and most recent features to navigate around the traffic. There is no better than delivering a new mapping experience that directs us to the world. The Google Maps apps are introduced worldwide via Google Play, but it will be available in App Store soon. As mentioned above, Google is building a design for the iPhone last December.

Enhanced Navigation

When the update is made available, Google’s first priority is to make some changes about the traffic. To avoid bad traffic, Google Maps apps have become quick in routes. Users will simply tap the “reroute” command and it will be on their way. Reroute feature is only available on Android and it will soon come to iOS. Of course, you can always make use of voice guided and turn-by-turn navigation. After choosing your desired place, simply tap your transportation icon (tram, walking or car) and you will get a quick and accurate direction to your destination.

Information at One Click

The resting “info sheet” at the bottom of the screen provides comprehensive details about each place. Just a simple tap to expand the “info sheet” into full screen, you are able to get everything from store hours and star ratings, to interior imagery that allows you to get the access of your favorite place.


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Tablet Accessibility and Compatibility

One good signs of dedicated tablet is the exceptional features of this new app to Android iPads and tablets, which makes your experience far better than the usual comfort of your room. It runs smoothly. Check-ins and Latitude and are dropped ever since the retirement from older versions on August 9. Instead, Google will be adding location check-ins and sharing to Google+ for Android (and iOS foriPhone). In addition, the offline maps feature is no longer available; if you want to access maps despite offline, just tap “OK Maps” into the search box and everything has fallen into proper place.Finally, the functionality of My Maps is not supported in its first release, but will return to their future versions of the app. People who want to create prevailing custom maps that can still perform with the desktop’s Maps Engine Lite.

The new Google Maps apps for mobile are compatible with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean devices and iOS 6+ upon availability. The Google ratings and Zagat currently provide integrated search results on Google Maps. The national brands like Macy’s and Walmart others will also be labeled right on your maps. Most probably, that means if you are on a trip and you come across a store that offer your favorite stuffs, you will be able to see it right on the map. Without a doubt, the new Google Maps apps are designed to make our trip convenient.

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