Apple Store’s 5th Anniversary: Is it time for a Change Now?

Jasmina Lozevska July 12, 2013 0
Apple Store’s 5th Anniversary: Is it time for a Change Now?

It’s been five years ago when we first met Apple Store. When Apple introduced its market for applications it changed the whole process of downloading programs on our smartphones. App Store changed the whole spectrum and made the apps available to everyone. Last month Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said in a statement that nothing similar to the App Store existed before and it changed the world. He is right, but is it time for some changes now?

Apple is completely satisfied with the current number of downloads. Recently, App Store has reached a number of 50 billion application downloads with approximately 900,000 available programs. Apple pays $10 billion to developers. They are doing a great job attracting developers by being the non-reachable leader when it comes to developer revenues. Keeping this on mind, we must admit that Apple didn’t do anything to change its App Store and of course, the competition started heating up.

Apple was “showing off” with the number of available apps to its iOS devices but they are not on the first place anymore. Google Play has 975,000 applications available for their devices and more than 50 billion downloads. This was expected to happen sooner or later because Google has promoted the Android platform pretty aggressively and embraced all carriers worldwide. While AT&T was showing some great results selling Apple’s iPhone T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon were showing even greater results for selling Android and Google Play devices. This is what brought Android on the top of all smartphone OSs in the world. An IDC analyst, Hilwa, has said that Android apps are spreading through many platform based devices while Apple only has one.


And here comes the problem and maybe the proper solution. App Store has become huge and its known method for discovering apps doesn’t work anymore. According to Pandora’s Conrad, App Store must move beyond this browsing model and lean towards better and bigger opportunities. Apple has purchased Chomp last year, which is a company for search and discovery. However, Apple has never used Chomp search methods in its App Store. Users are having hard time finding required app and if app names don’t include the Facebook name, great developers are struggling to gain audience. Eddie Cue, iTunes chief executive, has mentioned something about working on a new way of discovering apps. This only meant adding Apps Near Me and age range based apps which have prevented older people finding apps for kids. Even this relies on popularity and Apple must find a way how to change that.

Apple is capable enough for bringing changes that will amaze its customers around the world. Maybe after Apple makes its new iOS 7 available for the public we will see some new changes. We can’t expect this to happen because Apple’s focus is turned towards making new devices.

Do you think that Apple’s App Store really needs these changes? Share with us your own thoughts.

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