August 9 Will mark the Ending of Google Latitude

Alex Bezeau July 12, 2013 2
August 9 Will mark the Ending of Google Latitude


Instead showing some new features, companies these days are retiring their older services. Right after Yahoo and Google eliminated some of their services and search engines, Google is out there again saying that it will put an end to Google Latitude. For those who don’t know, Google Latitude was used by users for sharing their location with others. After August 9 this service will be eliminated and you won’t be able to use it again.

This was reported yesterday as other third-party apps won’t be able to use it also. Google has announced this while announcing its major Google Maps update. It includes a new feature for finding places of your interest around some specific locations and tablet devises got their support.

On Google’s official blog, we could notice that the company offered some other options for replacing Latitude. You can still use Google+ for sharing your specific locations with people in your circles. The Google+ app is only available for Android and the iOS version is expected to come out pretty soon. Location Reporting for Latitude sharing will be disabled also but you can still turn Location Reporting on for sharing your location via Google+.

If you still can’t quite get what this means, Google’s removal of Latitude means that all of your friends will be deleted and it’s not included in the new Google Maps update. Privacy reminders and check-ins will be also removed from mobile Google Maps version.

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To take away the attention of removing this feature, Google has brought several new features. Explore will bring you faster and easier way to discover new places without additional tapping on the screen. By simple tap on the search bar, you will see places to shop, eat, sleep, drink and etc. Enhanced navigation will help you see problem reports and get details for them by taping on the screen. While driving, Google Maps will send you an alert showing you that there is some better route for reaching the desired destination. The tablet support comes only for Android tablets and iPads and you can explore the world on bigger screen fluidly and with more fun. There is also a new feature for viewing Offers, Zagat and Reviews.

Google Latitude users may voice discontent after this but there are some new great features that will get them going. Google+ is always here to cover the empty spots.

Have you been using Google Latitude and what do you think of it?

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  1. C Armstrong  July 12, 2013 at 10:00 am - Reply

    I like Latitude, really helpful when friends are on their way over and I can see their progress or if they are lost !
    I don’t like that is it too vague unless people have their GPS active …

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