China Ends Ban on Gaming Consoles After 13 years

Sara Cunningham July 12, 2013 0
China Ends Ban on Gaming Consoles After 13 years

13 years ago China decided to ban video gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. According to South China Morning Post, they have decided to approve the selling again as the ban has been now officially removed. Now, companies like Microsoft, Sony and others can sell their consoles in China. This news will bring joy among these companies because it comes months before their next consoles become available on the market.

According to the report, removing the 13-year old ban on these gaming consoles is a part of a new strategy for creating a free trade zone in Shanghai. They want to widely open the Chinese economy to all countries. This ban removal has few catches because the gaming console makers must agree to certain rules in order to sell their devices there. All companies that want to produce gaming consoles for the Chinese market must manufacture the products within the new created trade zone. Before launching games, they must get approval from China culture-related authorities first, and if approved, they will sell them if not – they will need to change something.

According to a source, companies need to get approval from the ministry of culture and other government bodies before selling their products. The government wants to examine the content of their games to see if they include violent content that could harm younger people. This is actually a pretty smart move but today’s games are all about wars and shooting, killing, stealing and similar violent activities, so we can expect a large number of games to be banned again. However, while the ban existed, games and game consoles have been selling in China on black markets.

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China has reviewed this ban earlier in January. They’ve held many discussions and surveys between other ministries for opening this market again. They waited the official approval, making sure that all parties are on board with this decision. According to this report, the approval is here and it’s just a matter of time when it will be announced as official.

These consoles were banned back in 2000 and since then, the Chinese market was taken off the radar for big manufacturers like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Seeing the success of mobile markets, gaming market could gain the same success and this will satisfy the manufacturers and the Government. If this report is true, this domain in the black market will be finally closed.

Do you think China made the right decision when determined to end the ban?

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