Surface RT Price Cut on the Horizon

Jasmina Lozevska July 12, 2013 0
Surface RT Price Cut on the Horizon

Microsoft is set to reveal new price cuts for its Surface RT device. This comes right after they have released Windows 8.1 Blue preview version and maybe they want to make room for a new RT device. There have been several speculations that Microsoft is preparing to upgrade its lineup but no official comments were given by this company. According to sources, maybe we will see this price cut as early as next week.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on this because sharing thoughts about speculations isn’t in its nature. However, Microsoft plans to cut the prices of every single Surface RT model by $150.  This will bring the devices to a range starting from $350 to $450 without additional touch keyboard and from $450 to $550 with added keyboard. Lots of rumors are circling this company for updating its lineup with some new devices. The big question is: Is this the suggestion that we were looking for?

This comes just few weeks after Microsoft has reduced prices of its tablet for universities. The offer window was open only for two months. You could get this Surface RT device only for $199 if this program covers you. The company has tried to offer some slight discounts on Surface Pro and Surface RT devices in order to boost their sells and to their conference attendees. We already know that Surface RT devices didn’t meet the expectations as Microsoft kept limited distribution.

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According to recent Staples confirmation, this cut will come as weekly promotional ads and will come into effect starting Sunday, July 14.

Previous speculations about new Surface RT device coming this year are pointing that Qualcomm and Microsoft might be working together for bringing new and powerful device. This means that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors will offer an improved performance and featured 4G LTE support. Nvidia won’t be forgotten as a report showed that at least one new Surface RT will remain loyal running on Nvidia Tegra processor. Recently, Qualcomm has announced that its new Snapdragon 800 processors will be included in the next Windows 8.1 RT tablet line.

We haven’t received any official comments on this but one thing is for sure: Microsoft must do something with its Surface RT tablets. They have the proper specs and features to be successful and maybe one crucial part is missing. Perhaps Microsoft has found that part and want to clear some space before releasing its new product.

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