Rumor has it: HTC One and Moto X Coming Soon to Verizon

Alex Bezeau July 12, 2013 0
Rumor has it: HTC One and Moto X Coming Soon to Verizon


We saw leaked images earlier showing HTC One coming to Verizon on September 5. We now know that Moto X is real and rumors involving this handset can finally begin. New report appeared on the web saying that both smartphones will come to Verizon in August. According to this new leaked release schedule, Verizon finally chose to upgrade its smartphone lineup whit something new.

The remaining 3 bigger carriers in the U.S have already included the HTC One in their smartphone offers and lots of rumors were saying that Verizon will do that very soon. The official launch schedule shows Moto X set to go on market on August 23. As you can see, it will be ready in time for the “back to school” promotion. On the other hand, HTC One is expected to hit the Verizon market shelves on August 1. This is a month earlier than the previous leaked image. HTC One has been available for few months now and Verizon customers have been asking when it will be available on this network ever since. Will this be the release date? – We must wait and see what happens next.

There is no doubt that Verizon is not telling us what we need to know. We don’t know any details when the newest Moto X will be launched on other carriers and will it be factory unlocked. Keeping on mind how long we have waited to see HTC One available in Verizon, we will not be surprised if we see Moto X available on other carriers pretty soon. There is no guarantee that Verizon won’t change this release schedule list because based on previous experience, these kinds of lists were changed immediately.

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Some other rumors has been provoked with this. Google Nexus tablet is mentioned and this is not the first time we are hearing some rumors about it. Don’t be surprised if you see Nexus 7 successor coming to retailers in few weeks from now. Leaked details showed that this tablet could carry LTE capable radio that is a perfect fir to Verizon’s LTE 4G network. If these things are true, Verizon has quite a busy schedule in front of it.

The only important thing for now is that both devices, HTC One and Moto X, are real and no one can deny that. It’s just matter of time when they will be released officially.

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