Fight Your Allergies with an iPhone App

Sara Cunningham July 12, 2013 1
Fight Your Allergies with an iPhone App

I’ve seen many apps that can help your fitness, strength, health etc but I’ve never seen an iPhone app that can fight allergies. Nicholas Granado, the seller, has the right app that will help you fight allergies. It has been last updated on October 30, 2012 and it’s selling for $0.99. You can get heads up of the weather and pollen count for your location or you can choose different location in the U.S and get the same result.

This might be the great solution for you if you are having problems suffering seasonal allergies. You can get pollen count just by tapping the green icon on the app. The app has a feature that can find your current location that can be turned off and on. When on, it will automatically find you and when off, you need to search your location manually by entering your city name or ZIP code. It’s a little bit slower than I expected because many cities can’t be found but the ZIP code feature works perfectly. You can do a little self decorating by choosing from long list of colors for app’s background.

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This app isn’t developed to share many details with you. It shows only the current pollen count and nothing else. It is concretely designed to do this specific service. If you search deeply enough, you will find out that Allergies is based on 12-point scale taken from the official website The calculation goes something like this:

  • 9.7 – 12.0: High
  • 7.3 – 9.6: Medium-High
  • 4.9 – 7.2: Medium
  • 2.5 – 4.8: Low-Medium
  • 0 – 2.4: Low

Along with showing you the pollen count, Allergies is developed to show you what the dominant pollen versions are spread in the air. There are pollens like grass, cenopod, ragweed and others. Right bellow the pollen number you can see the current weather and by tapping the pollen count number you will get three-day possible pollen count upfront. This app won’t be found useful by many people but those who suffer from seasonal allergies can take a full advantage of it.

The latest update brought support for iOS 5 and the three-day forecast was added. There are no details coming from the developer if new update is coming for this app. Until then, you can try and use it to get stronger in your allergies fight.

Did you find this app useful? Share with us in comments your Allergies app experience.

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  1. sandra martin  July 15, 2013 at 11:29 pm - Reply

    Looks like a good apps… I recently downloaded the android app for which even features a “virtual” personal fitness trainer to motivate you which was interesting. However it’s more a social fitness motivator and platform.

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