A Simple Guide to Android’s New Google Maps App

Sara Cunningham July 13, 2013 0
A Simple Guide to Android’s New Google Maps App

Google has introduced its Google Maps update for Android and brought couple of new features. The company has chosen to shut down Google Latitude on August 9, as well. This new Google Maps 7.0.0 includes shortcuts for the new features and for those which you are using the most. We are going to share with you few tips that will help you navigate through this new interface.

You can find this new version on Google Play for devices running on Android 4.0.3 OS version or a newer one. Some users have complained that they didn’t receive this update, but you can download it from third-party service on the net (not recommended). My advice is to sit tight and wait for the update option.

Tip #1: While looking up a destination, you can slide from the bottom up and you will notice that information card will show up. It will give you few options to call, share and save. You are enabled now to see the street view, reviews and ratings of the desired location. Say goodbye to tapping on that tiny pin just to open up the details page.

Tip #2: This new Google Maps version offers you a quick access to your map data. You just need to tap on the silhouette icon placed at the right side of the search bar. This includes recent searches, saved places, near offers, saved addresses and even reviews.


Tip #3: By opening the general menu, you will notice that satellite layers and traffic have been relocated there. For enabling your layers you just need to simple tap the gray tab placed at the bottom-left of the app and you will see the menu slide open.

Tip #4: Explore has replaced the Local feature. You will find this Explore banner by clicking on the search box. From here, you can choose where to eat, sleep, play, drink, shop and etc. This new feature offers you categories in order to find places around you if you know their business names.
Tip #5: By saying “OK Maps” the app will save your Google Maps for accessing them later while offline. You will get a message afterwards saying that this onscreen area has been saved.

I hope we have helped you gain easier experience while using Google Maps.

Have you tried this new Google Maps version yet? – Share your thoughts or tips in the comments bar bellow.

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