HTC One S of T-Mobile is Getting a Little Security Enhancement Update

Sara Cunningham February 22, 2013 0

Starting February 19, 2013, T-Mobile’s HTC One S devices will then begin to receive updates to their software 2.35.531.12 710RD. What is the process involved in here? There are two ways to get the update started out and one is OTA or Over the Air update wherein T-Mobile will push the update to the device that the consumer doesn’t have to do anything—it will happen automatically sometime between the 19th and 28th of the month. To set proper expectations though, the company is unable to expedite this process so it has to be between those days mentioned. The other option is a manual pull down which is best for those who can’t wait for the OTA update that they can immediately get a security enhancement through the setting menu on their devices.


T-Mobile’s HTC One S is not really a Smartphone which a lot of people have mistaken about it and it’s not something that will lighten up the faces of all the people around you but it sure is a Smartphone’s useful workhorse and it’s so great to see that T-Mobile, its carrier, is not done with the device just yet, having it known to everyone that an update will take place—that is more on the device’s security enhancements. It’s such a wonderful news to hear considering that there is a big increase of the number of compromises that everyone usually hears in the news these days.

This update will need the device owner to stick to the standard issue requirements which includes having a stock version of the Android operating system, not less than 50% amount of battery life and, last but not the least, a backup on the original HTC One S just in case there’s a decision to cancel the update process. The whole update will be only at around 45MB which means that it should not take very long time to be downloaded and later on installed on your devices. After the update, you’ll start enjoying a new and better system which now comes with 100 percent security.

The over-the-air download or update will be made available for everyone from February 19 onward which also goes with it a roll out process that should be completed by the 28th of the same month. For those who have not received any update yet on their HTC One S devices until now, do not worry because it should be there in the next coming days.

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