Monoprice IPS-Glass Panel Pro – Cheap Price goes for a Cheap Design

Jasmina Lozevska July 14, 2013 0
Monoprice IPS-Glass Panel Pro – Cheap Price goes for a Cheap Design

This IPS-Glass Panel Pro is a mixture of cheap and powerful monitor. The $475 price tag makes this monitor the cheapest Extreme Definition monitor money can buy. It will definitely satisfy those who are searching for a monitor with high performance but poor design. It has so much to offer and that’s why we decided to write a review for it.


It has a 27-inch thick panel measuring 2.2 inches if you include the rear system for ventilation. It’s fixed to the food stand’s neck and you will be required to use bigger force to adjust it. Includes DVI, HDMI, VGA and DIsplayPort plus there is an audio port which needs to be connected to built-in speakers in order to work. Monoprice’s design continues to disappoint us for its power cord, too. The cord is attached to the monitor’s power brick and then you must connect it to dongle which is plugged into the Monoprice. This could easily disconnect when you are adjusting the screen on the stand.


You can find the display array located on the bottom-right side and each button is separated by a centimeter. This makes it difficult to press a button without pressing 2 or 3 others. Worst part is the function design of the buttons while you are trying to navigate through OSD. You must use the Volume buttons in order to alter attributes which is really confusing.

The design isn’t complete disaster, though. Monoprice is really light for a 27-inch monitor which means that is can be easily moved. There are many useful OSD option included like changing red, blue and green color as well as adjusting the color temperature. It includes wall mounters which mean that you can easily mount it on a wall and remove the stand.


The display is something that makes this monitor wanted. It sports 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution with aspect ratio of 16:9. On some tests it gave great performance. It displays light gray to level 254. Everything above 255 is considered is white. The performance made us conclude that is meant for watching movies. It offers dark gray to level 2 while maintaining deep black when using movie preset.

If you are using the appropriate preset you will notice that this monitor displays different shades of the color variations.
• Movies:
Watching movies requires setting up the movie preset. It delivers high contrast, accurate colors and deep blacks.
• Games
If you set up the games preset images will look a little bit too dark. The preferred preset when playing games is: Blue 96, Red 100 and Green 88.
• Viewing angles

It’s really hard to find a monitor with great viewing angles. They aren’t designed to look at them from various angles and are usually designed to look at them in front. This monitor uses H-IPS panel and has a wide viewing angle. Monoprice is a glossy screen with low reflective feature and it has higher contrast than most of the monitors.

If you are looking for a monitor that is cheap and has a 27-icnhes equipped with great performance and amazing resolution, than you have found it. It delivers a great performance with many options to satisfy your needs. It lacks great design and it requires bigger effort to swivel and tilt, plus the power cord detaches all the time. However, Monoprice IPS-Glass Panel Pro offers accurate color, sharp resolution and useful options for customization of the screen. There are always better monitors but with higher price tags. It’s your choice.

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