Nokia’s Elop Response: Why Nokia Choose Symbian Instead of Android

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Nokia’s Elop Response: Why Nokia Choose Symbian Instead of Android


Microsoft has had business analysis a way back 2010. The analysis pointed out the scenario played by Android and the Nokia’s Elop response. Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop, and Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer announced in January 2011 regarding the use of the Windows mobile system in handsets. But the question remains, why did the company choose to go with Android to replace Symbian when it killed the Smartphone operating system in 2010? The topic was discussed with Google, but the details did not follow. That made Vic Gundotra to tweet before the announcement of the Windows Phone tie-up last February 2011. It states there that 2 turkeys do not make an eagle.

What Is Wrong With Android in 2010? Nokia’s Elop Response

Nokia’s Elop Response made a comprehensive statement regarding the round table journalists’ discussions that include the European and guardian papers. One question related to the situation is if he ever regrets not choosing Android for post Symbian Smartphones? According to him, the decision is not regretful. As a matter of fact, he is very happy. The worries pointed only to the high risk of one manufacturer to dominate Android in the market. Experts have the suspicions due to the resources available and the existing vertical integrations. He added that to fast forward and examine the ecosystem of Android today, there are lots of good devices from diverse companies, but there’s one company who is about to become a dominant player. He continued that the U.S carriers are the gatekeepers of the phone in front of many people.

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Nokia’s Elop Response on Why Carrier Is Important for their Company?

For Nokia, the carrier is very important. He mentioned the first step process during their conversation they had with AT&T. The first step of the conversation is the recognition that they are not Apple or Samsung/ Android. As you know, it’s supposed to be an Android/Samsung now and not Samsung/Android. The point is that, the conversation is about Samsung, and Nokia has become the third alternative.

Nokia’s Elop Response: The Hardest Part of the Play

As the operator, he responded, negotiation with different types of people is incredibly important. But, it keeps pressure on everybody while having the best options. He even added that they have an opening with AT&T. According to Elop, the game is hard because the market is difficult. The fact that they have just started out as a challenger, building credibility is incredibly tough. He added that with AT&T, they gained traction. No doubt, their decision was right. When you come to look at the figures of some Android providers, they are in a tough spot.

Why Nokia didn’t Go With Android? Nokia’s Elop Response

Nokia’s Elop Response is pretty clear: he and his team assumed that Samsung would be placed well due to its manufacturing capacity and history around the world of technology. Their conviction is Samsung would not give a space for anyone else. Certainly, they have proved right. The figures of HTC have shown continuing falls in revenue, despite the significant approval for the HTC One. Whether it was the right decision, still it will be impossible to know, but the point is that knowing why it is made is important.

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