Apple’s Retina Display for iPad Mini Rumored In the Production Stage

Sara Cunningham February 22, 2013 0

It was only three months ago when Apple launched its iPad mini but according to reports going here and there, the upgraded Retina display for the company’s coming sequel is already in the production stage. The sources of this information are unnamed but after the quite long vacation break from Chinese New Year, it was reported by DigiTimes just this week that AU Optronics, Apple’s supplier, has boosted its display yield of the product to a million panels every month soon after it was able to rise above a few issues in manufacturing. Also, DigiTimes mentioned in its report that AU Optronics has started developing the panel which is said to be launched before the year ends with a Retina display.

iPad Mini

A lot of analysts expect that the next generation of iPad mini will include a Retina display as the company continuously deploys high resolution screens across many of its product lines. One of the major concerns of users here is the pricing and there’s no information made available about this concern as of this time but industry watchers expect that this would likely increase the bill of materials to over 30 percent. By tradition, when Apple launches a product, it takes the same price like its predecessor which the users are hoping would not change anytime soon.

As far as the currently available iPad Mini is concerned, AU Optronics is reportedly able to overcome yield issues in order to reach a million panel shipments, lessening the supply block which had a big impact on the tablet sales since it was launched in the market. Apple is said to have already managed more yields for the quarter but just the same, even with the very high demand, there isn’t any rumor that the price would change any time soon– the price is likely to stay the same until the year ends. Unlike other companies that change the price of their products every now and then, those who’d like to purchase this product from Apple would be able to get hold of this great iPad mini at the same price for the whole year.

According to reports, earlier on Tuesday, the company had, at last, caught up with the increasing demand for its product, the 7.9-inch tablet which is good news for those who have been waiting to finally get their hands to this product. Apple’s 7.9-inch tablet is currently showing as ‘in stock’ availability on the online storefront of the company.

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