Candy Crush the Most Addictive Game Yet?

Jasmina Lozevska July 15, 2013 0
Candy Crush the Most Addictive Game Yet?

I’ve seen a lot of addictive games in my life but this is on top of the class. This game offers you a great gaming experience with hard tasks for completing the puzzle. It’s meant for everybody – both kids and adults. It’s simply an easy-to-play game that everyone can handle and have fun with. It was launched last year and it has over 32 million supporters. Our team is competing every day trying to beat scores set among us.

This game slowly became the most popular app you can find on Facebook. This social network isn’t the only platform you will find it available on. You can download it for Apple and Android, as well. According to AppData, an analyst firm, this app has 15 million active daily users. It has been published by King, London based publisher for games. According to a report from the WSJ, this company has big plans for the future going public.


Candy Crush is often compared to its predecessor Bejeweled. It requires players to form different chains of colored tiles that are shaped by candy pieces in order to collect points and advance to the next level. While playing, you will notice that this game has borrowed few features from Angry Birds – such as successfully completing a level before going to the next one.

Yes, it’s the simplest and probably one of the most childish games you will ever play but once you try it, you will never turn it off. It causes addiction and it brings challenges like you’ve never experienced before. It forces your brain to think two or three moves ahead and you will feel top of your class when you crush all your friend’s high scores.

The phone version has 365 difficult levels and don’t be surprised if you see players stuck on a level for a long period of time. You will get the basic version for free and 5 lives per day. The obsession of this game has gone too far that some even hacked in order to get unlimited playing lives or chances. Players are enabled to share their progress with their friends on Facebook.

This game even inspired a trailer for a fake film called “Candy Crush: The Movie” which is a short film about people grappling their addictions to this game and to others, as well. This movie was viewed on YouTube more than 3.5 million times. This game feeds people’s competitive nature. You will find yourself not wanting to quit at the time when the most interesting levels are waiting for you to crush them.

If you haven’t downloaded it by know, I’m warning you – it is definitely one of those addictive games. Get ready to say goodbye to all daily optional tasks – you will be focused making strategies how to pass the present level. However, it’s perfect if you want to lose couple of hours forming chains of candies.

Feel free to share the best results you’ve scored to date.

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