T-Mobile’s Customers Allowed 2 Upgrades Per Year

Heidi Speare July 15, 2013 0
T-Mobile’s Customers Allowed 2 Upgrades Per Year


T-Mobile is definitely the most mentioned among the remaining 3 carriers that complete the list of top 4 in the U.S. This company has been focused on improving its network adding support for the fast 4G LTE network. New carrier plans have been introduced transferring from the casual contract data plans to no-contract plans for their users. They have purchased MetroPCS and started making some improvements offering new high-end devices through this retailer. We have seen many other improvements and to be honest T-Mobile has became my favorite carrier.

This new report shows that T-Mobile has making a bid to become the first un-carrier in the world. This company wants to launch a plan that will allow users to upgrade their phones twice a year for humble fee. This is something new on the market because today’s tradition was all about completing the 2-year contract before upgrading your old smartphone with a brand new device.

John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, has said that all big wireless companies have put you on hold for 730 days not letting you to choose from the wide smartphone offerings. Two years of waiting for getting your phone changed is a lot. He added that two years is a pretty long period of time to wait and see new phones coming out every second month, not to mention – to live with an out-dated camera or perhaps a cracked screen.



This new plan called JUMP will cost you only $10 per month and includes insurance for your damaged phones. Your waiting time  has just been shortened to 6 months. When this period passes and you have paid this amount of money each month, you will get the new smartphone for a reduced price. This wasn’t the only thing that got introduced at this event. Its 4G LTE network reached 157 million customers in 116 big areas in the U.S. The future plans are reaching over 200 million people by the end of this year.

This is a part of the aggressive move through the market that is a part of T-Mobiles new strategy. This carrier wants to move its spot up from 4th place and as we can see, they are really serious about that. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint must feel threaten by this carrier because it’s coming for them in full speed. Research showed that Verizon possess 31% of the market, AT&T comes as second with 27% of the market, Sprint is third with 16% and on 4th place is T-Mobile holding 13% of the market.

I remember when T-Mobile’s CEO sounded so serious about the future saying that they will do anything that is in their power to move up. It seemed ridiculous at that time but now I see that the company had big plans for doing that. I’m definitely looking forward for the new improvements coming from this carrier.

Do you think T-Mobile will achieve its goals?

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