iPhone 5S Rumors: Get the Lowdown

Wayne Bond July 15, 2013 0
iPhone 5S Rumors: Get the Lowdown

As we are getting closer to this year’s fall, the expectations about the new iPhone 5S, coming along with the previously previewed iOS7, are getting stronger. We’ve done this kind of a rumor round up previously but we are back with an updated version of it. Let’s see what happened recently.

The iPhone 5 successor is expected to be launched in September or maybe early October. This is so because both previous devices were launched within the same period of time. It’s perhaps too obvious but we’re still not completely sure of the iPhone 5S’s official arrival. We saw the 128GB iPad version and maybe this year we will see the iPhone 5S equipped with a 128GB storage capacity. Following its biggest competitor, Samsung, Apple might consider placing camera with a higher resolution.

The things that we don’t know are if this new iPhone will be built with a bigger screen. We saw Tim Cook reporting that Apple doesn’t consider placing a bigger screen anytime soon. Apple might go with different display tech as well, OLED or IGZO. There are plenty of other rumors making us wonder will the bigger iPhone version come later this year? Will Apple debut its iPhone Mini? Will Apple add NFC to its iPhone?

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Let’s see a detailed preview of what happened in the rumor mill so far.


  • 05 – Cheap iPhone was shown in few colors. It was rumored that this low-cost iPhone might be called iPhone Light and be build of plastic material that will come out in few different colors.
  • 01 – New iPhone 5S with support for the high-speed 4G LTE advanced was rumored.


  • 21 – New leaked photos were showing the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S. They have included larger LED flash and new components layout.
  • 09 – The Wall Street Journal reported that there will be no redesigned iPhone coming this year.


  • 23 – Report showed that upcoming iPhone 5S and budget iPhone will have several color options. Green, pink and gold were mentioned as possible colors.
  • 08 – According to Morgan Stanley, new iPhones will take place by September and the productions will start in July.
  • 07 – Japanese report showed that the iPhone display production will begin in June. Sharp was mentioned as the major display manufacturer.


  • 22 – Citi Research has reported that iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 faces release delay and it will be pushed to September.
  • 18 – Leaked images have been showing the new iPhone Mini manufactured with plastic chassis. These images were first shown on Tactus, mobile case maker.
  • 16 – Low-cost iPhone, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will face delays due production issues.
  • 15 – Rumor showed up saying that iPhone 5S will have a 12-mpix camera.
  • 09 – According to an analyst, iPhone 5S will be available in few screen sizes. Possible three different screen sizes will be available for the users to choose from.
  • 01 – The next two iPhones have been designed by Steve Jobs. District attorney has claimed that Apple’s former CEO has designed the upcoming two iPhone devices.

These are the rumors that involved Apple’s much-awaited iPhone 5S for the past few months. One thing is for sure, the new iPhone 5S might be right around the corner. We will keep you updated with every new rumor and speculation that will show up. Until then, give us your expectations for this new iPhone 5S.

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