The Rumor About Apple: Will Release MacBook Air With Retina Display in Q3?

Sara Cunningham February 22, 2013 0
The Rumor About Apple: Will Release MacBook Air With Retina Display in Q3?

Apple is planning to introduce a Retina MacBook Air for Q3 this year—can this be true? The rumor started out when The Taiwanese Economic Times reported that Apple is gathering or preparing the needed supplies to make this happen. What are the avid fans to expect from this latest from Apple then?

For those who are in search of a notebook with the best and sharpest screens on the market, the MacBook Pro with Retina display models are among the greatest choices but what if you are also interested in buying something that is more portable and lighter? If this rumor coming from a Taiwanese publication is true, there is a good chance that you will be able to enjoy this product before the year ends.

The Rumor About Apple: Will Release MacBook Air With Retina Display in Q3?

The fans of Apple are very delighted about the rumored launch of a new product this year. As what the report says, Quanta, the Apple supplier will start getting shipments from Haswell for the company’s very thin computers come the year’s second quarter. This new product from Apple is said to be in both 13 and 11-inch versions and if the company does launch this, the consumers are expected to pay quite a lot more compared to the amount of money they spent for the current models—it’s quite similar to when the people had to pay more for their MacBook Pros with Retina on them compared to their investment for the ones without the very sharp displays. Pricing then could be an issue for many consumers but this is something that is already expected from Apple as it does not sell low-end laptops. Of course, it is very likely that Apple will still sell those without Retinas remaining untouched which lead many people to speculate that there may be a refresh lined up to be expected in the next coming months.

According to some people, this rumor has something to do with the predictions of analysts about the next generation MacBook Air—that the wafer-thin notebooks would not be capable of supplying the power that is needed in a Retina display for it to properly function. It is pretty expected that Apple will surely find a way around when it comes to this concern so there is nothing really much to worry about on the part of the fans that are waiting for this product to be finally launched. Until the company gets to announce the availability of the product, this rumor would remain as it is and will be considered as an unverified report.

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