Nexus 7 Fell Short on Kindle Fire and iPad Mini Even With Soaring High Sales in 2012

Sara Cunningham February 22, 2013 0

Normally, Google does not disclose the Nexus line sales figures but even so, this didn’t stop thousands of people all around the globe from speculating and trying to come up with the approximate number of devices that Nexus 7 was able to sell for the year. Instead, it made more and more people curious to know how the device is really selling in the market.  There are a few experts who took the time to go number crunching based on the data that was given out by ASUS which is the manufacturer of the device on the spotlight. It was found out that Google was able to sell around 4-6 million units of the product which of course is not bad at all considering that it is the first tablet from Google. One can even say that this is a good number understanding that Google had a lot of issues with pre-orders early on and they’re only being at 8 and 16GB versions for almost all the time that Nexus 7 was made available in the market.

Nexus 7 Fell Short on Kindle Fire and iPad Mini Even With Soaring High Sales in 2012

The estimates of the sales from these tablets were based on the report from ASUS as well as the various statements from the CEO of the company. While Google is enjoying this respectable number, it still fell short when compared to the very famous and in the demand iPad Mini and Kindle Fire. What’s surprising is that it fell short to the iPad Mini that’s a very new device and was only introduced in the market for like 2 months in the year 2012. The Nexus 7 came out a little bit early, sometime in July which gave it more or less 6 months to beat the iPad Mini from Apple. Well, it’s quite easy to understand why it wasn’t able to beat Kindle Fire because this product was out during the fall of 2011 which goes to say that it had the whole year to be on top of Apple and Google.

There are rumors around these days that a new Nexus 7 is coming pretty soon—sometime in May of this year. Let’s wait and see how it will perform as far as the sales for 2013. It would be very exciting to see how these devices would sell in the market for the year. No one knows really as to which one will get the upper edge—iPad Mini, Kindle Fire or Nexus.  So which tablet do you have right now?

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