Why Google Search App Reigns Supreme

Jaycee De Guzman July 16, 2013 0
Why Google Search App Reigns Supreme


Ever since Smartphones become popular, the Google Search App has also become common to people. Think about the times you search for something on the net, you’d perhaps respond ‘many times’ with unspecified figure. At some point in life, the internet is used to analyse, verify, confirm, evaluate, compare and research information. It can also be used as a preference or a basis in one’s decision making. One example is the Smartphone purchase. Without the internet, there can be no source of information. The bottom line is that the Internet experience starts with your preferred search engine. It is therefore important to understand how search engine works and why Google Search apps reigns the supremacy among the available search engine company.

Google Search App and Other Major Search Engines

Let us take a look at the major search engines available: Google, MSN, Yahoo, Netscape, Lycos, AOL, Alltheweb, Ask.com, Mamma, Open Directory and Dogpile. Most readers use one of these search engines of their preference. Looking upon the above referenced list, it is pretty sure that you point out MSN or Yahoo as a consumer search engine, while Google as a genuine commercial search engine. Seeing small search engines like Lycos or Ask.com, why do many people put up advertising on Yahoo or AOL when they can make use of Mamma, Open Directory and Dogpile? The answer begins by knowing what search engine analysis means.


Search Engine Analysis

The search engine analysis is more practical than technical. In terms of deliveries, search engine analysis focus on the people’s needs. Therefore, the search results must offer nothing but the best entertainment section, best advertising platform and coolest consumer applications.

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Reasons why Google Search App Reigns the Supremacy

In straightforward explanation, Google is a type of crawler-based engine. The term “crawl-based” means a software program intended to “crawl” the information and add it according to its sizeable database. The Google Search App has gained a great reputation for thorough and relevant search results. It is also a good place to begin when searching. The homepage of Google Search App is exceptionally simple, clean, loads quickly, and delivers the best results. One reason why Google delivers page results because of the PageRank technology and enormous listings. Google also gained high marks for its images, videos, blog posts and maps. You can even search books with Book Search. Google Search App is also ranked number one because of its consumers.

Google Search App Properties

  • Google Search App relies on simplicity, fast and reliable property.
  • Lesser noticeable ads
  • User friendly
  • They have search engine algorithms.

Google Search App is the dominant leader within the online advertising market. The company benefits from the “in progress secular growth in display and search advertising, as well as the mobile web explosion.” Based on the reported revenues, experts noted that Google is one of the biggest media company. From the expert’s view, Google benefits further from a healthier search business.

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