Fact or Fiction: Gates Talks About the Comeback of Microsoft Bob

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Microsoft Bob was a product of Microsoft software, released in March 1995. Although publicized widely before that date, it was under the Codename “Utopia”, which provided a non-technical line to desktop computing. Bob was 7th place in a World magazine’s 25 worst tech products, was one of the 50 Worst Inventions in Time magazine and becomes the number one worst invention in CNET.com. Despite its humiliated exit before the release of Windows 98, Microsoft Bob has continued to be criticized in popular media.Steve Ballmer said that Bob is a perfect example of a product failure.

Microsoft Bob Was a High Visible Failure

Everything in Microsoft Bob was lengthy introductions and stories. All were considered to be fairly arrogant. Bad grammars and lengthy stories of irrelevant information, it has been virtually unusable for many users. Long tutorials are also accompanying the launching of many tutorials that would appear every time the user launches the program. The worst part, it could not be turned off. Virtually, people who wrote about the technology at some point and in any capacity, have made fun of Microsoft Bob. Due to these humiliations, it turned out to be one of the Internet humor touchstones.

Microsoft Bob’s Failed Impressions

Basically, Microsoft Bob was an environment designed to replace the Program Manager. It replaced a cartoon environment, which is packed with cute anecdotes and tutorials. It is also a collection of programs used for daily tasks. It has failed to impress the users who were satisfied to live on plain folders and icons. Additionally, there are people who do not need a cute dog to provide information in a cartoon bubble. It existed in a short period of time, with much humiliated life, walking out the stage in 1996.


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The Company’s Conviction Regarding Microsoft Bob

At the Microsoft research event on Monday, the former chief executive and recent chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates said, with Microsoft Bob, they didn’t get it right. He believes that the personal assistant feature has the power to re-emerge things with a touch of sophistication. Bill Gates added that, at least its concept will reappear to life as an intelligent personal agent.

Details of the New Microsoft Bob

The new generation personal agents will become more adept at planning activities, like organizing a trip in certain cases. Microsoft Bob will not be coming back as a dog, but will appear as a morph into a spiritual voice coming from the cloud. Encased in the tiled interface of Windows 8, the new Bob will recognize and understand all the things you do and are willing to share significant information online. Bob also appears to anticipate your needs and current relevant information anytime and anywhere. To this point, Google Now and Apple’s Siri is providing humbly intelligent personal support from the cloud. Bob needs to get back to work. As a matter of fact, Bill Gates needs to discuss these things to Larry at Microsoft Research.

Will Microsoft Bob truly comes back? Is this a fact or a fiction? The answer depends on the company.


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