Nokia Corporation Came Under Pressure by HTC’s New Flagship Smartphone

Sara Cunningham February 22, 2013 0

When Nokia Corporation launched its latest gadget called the Lumia 920, the company said that it has gotten a lot of pre-orders for the awaited device and the sales have been doing great for quite some time now. The Finnish company’s latest gadget is powered by Windows 8 and targets millions of users all around the world. Who haven’t heard about this company’s name anyway? Everyone knows about it of course since it’s one of the pioneers when it comes to launching great products to the market and gaining a lot of special attention.

Just recently, Nokia Corporation is said to be stressed by the newest flagship Smartphone from HTC which is called HTC One with a 1.7-GHz quad-core processor. HTC is a very famous company from Taiwan, which officially launched its flagship Smartphone in the market on Tuesday that will run the Android OS of Google and have a Super LCD display—4.8 inches.

What are the features of HTC’s latest Smartphone? For one, it has a small camera—4MP. What the company hopes for is to provide all its consumers with improved, true-to-life images with the highest quality above anything else. Nokia, a Finnish maker of handsets, has been selling its Lumia devices powered by Windows 8 from Microsoft for quite a while now and so far, it’s also showing some good results to date.

There are many reports going around recently that in line with the launching of HTC One, Nokia is now planning to have its 41MP PureView technology incorporated on the its next round of great Lumia devices. The company, at this stage, is stressed by HTC’s latest flagship Smartphone since any new addition in the Android device would mean that a good market share, that Nokia enjoying right now, may be taken away from them and moved to the account of Android SmartPhones.

The Finnish company dropped to its lowest since 1997 to about 3 Euros and the stock has crashed already over 50 percent since it announced in February of 2011 that it was cancelling its operating software, Symbian, and opting for Windows. With the company being pressured because of the newly launched HTC One, investors and users are just waiting for it to recover. This could be a tough year for the company of declining share in Smartphone but hopefully it will be able to gain a lot of market share as far as its plan on launching its next round of Lumia devices.

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