The Release Date of iWatch About to be Delayed

Sara Cunningham July 16, 2013 0
The Release Date of iWatch About to be Delayed

While we are still waiting for Apple to announce its new product, reports show something else. According to The Financial Times, Apple might not be able to release its iWatch product this year. Sources tell that the iWatch manufacturing suffered some problems related with the engineering. Apple hasn’t been able to solve this problem and as it seems the iWatch launch will face a delay. Previous report showed us that we will see the iWatch later this year.

Apple could have a big number of issues causing them headaches while developing the iWatch. Fitting the right chipset and proper display in order to maximize performance and power could cause lot of problems for a device like the iWatch. It seems that the battery causes the biggest problem for Apple. There are no further details but some sources are claiming that the battery doesn’t last long as they want or it becomes too hot. Nobody wants filled lawsuits by the users claiming burned wrists. Probably Apple wants more time to make it safe and functional before it announces its official release date.

Maybe the wrist strap is another problem for the iWatch. Many companies which are producing watches are using all-metal material. Apple is a big brand and from previous experience it will seek some form of a lightweight metal for creating the best possible strap.


According to this report, Apple might take its chances with purchasing some smaller companies which are experts in wearable tech. We already know that Apple has 100 product designers working on this project. Earlier this month, Apple has attracted Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, to work on some special project at this company. Don’t be surprised if you see Apple hiring new people for the iWatch because they would want to not prolong this product anymore.

We saw earlier that Apple is really serious for designing an iWatch wearable device. Earlier this month, we saw an application for trademark for the “iWatch” name in several countries. A month before this, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that Apple is interested in the wearable technology. He said that there are lots of wearable gadgets out there but none of them is great.

We are hearing iWatch rumors every day and everything started when The New York Times reported that Apple plans to create a smartwatch like we’ve seen only on movies. Right after this, Economic Times has reported that it will include a 1.5-inch display and processors made by Intel. Sources suggested that we will see the iWatch in tight communication with the iPads and iPhones by Bluetooth displaying lot of features. Wearable gadget with iOS integration and App Store could be the perfect device for texting, navigation, FaceTime and many more.

We honestly believed that Apple will release this iWatch along with the iOS 7. This report disappointed us and we’ll need to wait maybe the next summer to see this smartwatch. Microsoft, Google and Samsung have mentioned that they will try to produce their smartwatch versions but no further details were related to this.

Do you hope that this report is just another rumor and we will see it debut later this year? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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