Sony Vaio Pro 13: Ultra-Portable Laptop Review

Jaycee De Guzman July 16, 2013 0
Sony Vaio Pro 13: Ultra-Portable Laptop Review


Years ago, Sony has released a marvel laptop called VAIO Z Series. This little laptop was incredibly light (1.15 kg) and thin (15 mm). Until now, the ultrabook standards are light and thin, but heavy when it comes to pricing. Due to this reason, Sony has taken the concept of light device with affordable solution known as VAIO Pro 13. This new model is a fourth generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 13.3 Ultrabook and is a touchscreen. To come up a solid and quality review, the details below are the breakdown of Sony’s VAIO Pro 13 features.

Sony VAIO Pro 13: Full HD Screen and Display

If you are a photographer, you’d perhaps appreciate the graphics and image of the Sony VAIO Pro 13 because it has a reflective screen. When the device is viewed in light areas, you won’t have problems. The viewing angles of the screen could be wider, not unless you are using your laptop while viewing sideways. Its sturdiness is excellent. When tapped, the screen will not wobble uncontrollably.

Technically, Sony VAIO Pro 13 display is incredibly good. As it brightness reaches 345 cd/m2. It also has a contrast ratio of 932:1. The color temperature and gamma comes to perfection. Most of all, it has a good color accuracy.

Sony VAIO Pro 13: Design and Battery

The design is more on subtle evolution than a dramatic one. It comes with a silver flash that slashes on the laptop’s back. It has a sharp, soft and elegant and more streamlined appearance. As expected, VAIO Pro 13 is the lightest Ultrabook so far, with a featherweight 1.05 kg. When you are working with unplugged battery, VAIO Pro 13 will give you long hours to work. Sony has conducted a standard battery test. The test includes enabling WI-Fi, maximizing its screen brightness, looping video files and disabling power supply. According to the results, the VAIO Pro 13 lasts for 5 hours and 23 minutes. For an ultrabook, this is an outstanding battery life result.



Sony VAIO Pro 13: Keyboard

The Sony VAIO Pro 13 has a responsive and deep travel keyboard despite being a thin chassis. Best of all, you are able to type for longer period and with its backlit, it appears to be great at night. The spaces within arrow keys are incredibly helpful.

Sony VAIO Pro 13: Speed and Technical Specifications

The speed storage is apparent. While using the laptop it booted around 4 seconds. From sleep mode, it took 2 seconds to wake. Most frequently used apps, like web brewers are capable to launch for 1 second, while VAIO movie creator apps took around 3 seconds.

The graphics are powered by Intel CPU. It is installed by 4 GB RAM and has 3D graphics performance from the solid HD 4400 Chip. Its frequency is about 1.6 GHz, has 2 cores and hyper threading.


Gaming comes with 1,920 X 1, 080 resolution, which is disappointing. Experimenting comes with three areas: standard, silence and performance. All tests were implemented, but among the three, only two passed. This is about the issue of unresolved sheer fan noise from the built-in CPU.


It is worth noting that VAIO Pro 13 worked perfectly. From the bright screen to its performance level down to battery life, all things functioned well as expected. Some things have gone beyond the average standard.




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