The Best TVs for Those who Look for a Serious Gaming Experience

Alex Bezeau July 17, 2013 0


It’s really difficult to choose a perfect TV that will fit right into your living room or bedroom and meet your gaming experience criteria. If you are so much into gaming, choosing the right TV device is crucial. You don’t want a TV that will have lots of input lag. We’ve made a research collecting five TVs that gave the best response time and performance while performing several tests.

Today’s TVs are all packed with Smart TV features, fancy processing options for the picture, other extras that affect the picture quality. This is not that important for those who are serious about their gaming. The important thing is input lag. This is the term that goes for the delay, calculated in milliseconds, between the receiving signal and the result of this signal appearing on the TV screen. This is completely irrelevant for a normal user and they are not that important for the most of the games. If you are a skilled gamer, input lag can make the difference.

• Panasonic TC-P50S60
This is the friendliest TV you can get. It’s the only plasma TV in our list and it’s the highest rated. This low-priced TV has excellent picture quality with deep black levels, accurate colors and great shadow detail. Most importantly for the gamers, it comes with 34.1ms of lag. You can purchase it for $700.

• BenQ W1070
This projector proved to be the speediest device tested among others. You will get great gaming experience on a 100-inch display, who can say no to this? It offers great picture quality that comes with the price and includes respective black levels and perfect color accuracy, plus it has a 3D playback. It gave results of 33.7ms lag. You can purchase it for $890.

• Vizio E500i
This is the least expensive on this list. You will get a 50-inch screen size for a price of $650. It’s extremely fast giving results of 32.2ms lag. Along with this, it has deep black levels, great performance and uniform screen.

• Sony KDL-55W900A
The second place belongs to this TV by Sony. It has better picture than the first placed and it’s more expensive. This Sony KDL version includes the best colors that you can ever find on LCD screen. It offers deep black levels and gamma, sleek design and perfect features. It costs $2,298 and you will get four pairs of 3D glasses. It introduces small amount of input lag noting 19.7ms.

• Sony KDL 55-W802A
The best in the business comes from Sony. This LED LCD TV offers the least lag result netting only 16.6ms. Gamers will need to say big thanks to its ultra aggressive Gaming mode. It’s available for $1,598 and offers good shadow detail, deep black levels, clear interface and several important features.

We have given you few options and your job is to pick one. Of course, Sony KDL 55-W802A will give you the best results but others will not disappoint you too.

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