Apple to Acquire Microsoft Kinect Firm

Wayne Bond July 18, 2013 0
Apple to Acquire Microsoft Kinect Firm

Apple is set to make another company acquisition in order to bring improvement to some departments. We saw how these things were going in the past and many big companies are just buying small firms and not taking their full advantage later on. Sources claim that Apple wants to purchase Primesense, fables Semiconductor Company from Israel. This company specializes in 3D sensor and as it seems, Apple wants a piece of this in future products. Primesense has collaborated with Microsoft which included its tech, design and chips inside Microsoft’s first Kinect accessory for its Xbox 360 gaming platform.

According to Calcalist, a local newspaper, Apple offered $280 million to acquire Primesense. This is not the first time that Apple wanted to purchase a component maker from Israel. In January last year, lots of rumors showed up that Apple wants to buy a storage company from this country. Only a week later, Apple has announced the purchase of Anobit paying $400 million.


The 3D technology of Primesense has been included in 20 million devices. This includes sensors which can be used in tablets and smartphones. The tech of this company can be found in lots of portable scanners that are capable of generating color interior spaces for 3D models. We were used to seeing Primesense focused on making the gaming platforms better in the past, but its recent project include a collaboration with ASUS to bring its 3D sense tech for the new WAVI Xtion PC. Lots of companies used its 3D motion-activated game technology and collaborated with other companies in healthcare industries.

Apple didn’t comment on this but Primesense CEO has said that they are focused on building prosperity for the company while bringing its Natural interaction and 3D sensing closer to the industries. He said that commenting on their customers, partners and potential customers is not what they do and they are distancing themselves from rumors and speculations.

Primesense was founded back in 2005 by Avaid Maizels and Inon Beracha. Along with its fabulous 3D sensor they have produced some other tech products like Carmine 1.08 and 1.09 (for short range) NiTe Middleware and others. From what we could see, this company has a great history of making its special technology available for other companies. It’s hard to determine why Apple needs this company so much.

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