Rumors Heat Up: What Will Apple Bring to the TV Market?

Alex Bezeau July 18, 2013 0
Rumors Heat Up: What Will Apple Bring to the TV Market?


Apple has announced earlier that they are working on something big that will be revealed this year. We are still waiting for something to come out from this company. This new report shows that Apple has been working on ad-skipping technology for its TV programs. This is definitely bad news for the cable companies but the customers will be satisfied because ads can be really boring sometimes. This is good for the rumor mill just to see that something is happening with this future TV set-top box.

Jessica Lessin is the reporter who said that Apple has been meeting with cable companies to tell them about this service that will be used for enabling TV watchers skip advertising commercials. She also said that this will be included into the “premium” service that Apple TV owners could buy into.


Apple’s TV set-box still remains limited to prerecorded content instead streaming live channels. It was said that Apple has been working on a solution to bring live content programming but only their presentations and concerts. Plenty of rumors have been suggesting that Apple is set to expand to offer a subscription plans that will surpass its present selling of content plans. This company will become a rival with other cable companies which streaming service subscription packages have been purchased by users. For this to be even more intruding, other sources have been claiming that Apple has been negotiating with Time Warner Cable to add some live channels to its set-box.

Implementing this service would not make Apple the first company to offer skipping ads on TV programs. ReplayTV and TiVo have been offering this feature for its customers for quite some time. Recently, Hopper and Dish companies both implemented skipping commercial blocks but this feature is limited on certain programs and raised few legal suits from major broadcasting networks which are saying that this violates the copyright law.

Like always, Apple has declined to comment on these rumors about the service and as soon as they come with a report we will update this story. Apple has big load to deal with in the upcoming period of time. Lots of rumors are saying that Apple will release three iPhones this year: iPhone 5S, iPhone Mini and iPhone with bigger screen. It’s said that they will upgrade the iPad and iPad Mini line with two new versions. We have already seen the iOS 7 preview for developers and new MacBook Air revealed.

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